It’s interesting the way things from the past have the capacity to hold onto us. The things people said or did that we play in our minds over and over again. Whether it was something good or bad, it remains ingrained. Evolution-wise it’s necessary for us to remember things, and more so for us to have certain impressions that are lasting. There are things that we have to know to carry us through. Whether it’s for safety purposes, for happiness, or whatever the case may be, we have to be able to recall that information so that we know what decisions we make.

Yet, as people say all of the time, our thoughts hold us captive. Our thoughts that we think every day govern how we function. They take up a large portion of our time. They guide us. And this makes understanding what our thoughts are, and why extremely important. Maybe nothing is binding, maybe our thoughts are not concrete, maybe the self is ever moving and changing (someone was arguing this with me recently), but none of those things make it any less real to us. None of those things make it any less important to be aware of the fact that our thoughts, the way we process information have a direct effect on what we do in life and how we contribute to it. And contributing, doing something purposeful in with our lives does matter.

We are a part of something. Maybe no one knows exactly what, maybe some people do. No matter what, we are an extension of a universe that is expansive. And we are probably a part of even more than just that. All of the things in this universe have a role, and so do we. What we have the ability to do as humans is to look both outward and inward at once. We can look at who we are inside and we can look at who we are outside of ourselves. We are here, and we have no choice but to belong. So then we have the question, what can we do? What is the purpose? We exist, but what goes beyond mere existence?

When two people connect, something goes beyond existence. When two people interact, the force between them grows stronger. Whether it’s engaging or repelling, it’s strengthening. With each interaction we have the chance to grow ourselves, grow another, and grow a connection, grow love or grow fear. And what we grow depends largely on what we think, how we process and interpret what’s going on. So this week we have to pay attention to what we grow. Is it love? Is it fear?  Are we encouraging? Or are we condescending? Helpful or disengaged? Do we have proper priorities? Or are we letting it simply pass by? July is now halfway through. Time doesn’t take long. So how are your thoughts holding you?


(P.S. I hope you guys have an amazing week! And that this is your week!)

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  1. Thank you for the wonderful posts and sound advice.
    Enjoy reading 🙂

  2. Ironically… given the past few days I’ve had… I’m too drained to think about thoughts right now… but I will say this… at this point in my life, more than ever, I so want to do the right thing…

  3. Wow usually I absolutely agree with things you have to say and always hope to learn something new which hadn’t happened yet but today I have! I never really realized just a simple conversation every interaction has a small impact or even a big one. I’ve always known just never realized it thank you for this post Lauren.

  4. Hope you have a good week too…btw..Don’t know why but God has kept ‘Carter’ on my mind and in my prayers…hope all is well with him….Diane

  5. A brilliant post, I really enjoyed reading it.

  6. Thanks for sharing Lauren, tweeted to my followers for you:-) Thoughts whether good or bad do hold us captive or set us free. You’ve written a great piece! Thanks.

  7. Thanks for this thought provoking post Lauren. I find if I can laugh gently at the thoughts and patterns that return again and again they have less power over me, but I can’t always do that in the moment that they have me trapped. Personally I believe that thoughts are creative, they manifest in the physical and therefore give us the power to create the life experience we choose…if we can consciously choose all our thoughts… unfortutately I can’t do that yet…know anyone who can teach me? Have a great week:-) H xxx

    • Haha, I don’t think anyone can consciously choose all of our thoughts. Wouldn’t be terribly efficient for us. And I agree they are our power to create. And our power to create is our greatest power 🙂

  8. Lauren I love this! thank you for sharing 🙂 … your thoughts are right on 🙂

  9. A pastor of mine once stated, “We become what we behold.” This, I think, is why it is beneficial to “count our blessings,” or think on “whatsoever is pure” or “noble.” Thanks for the poignant reminder!

  10. Hi, Lauren – good post:)

    I was particularly struck by your comments about how people know us. I grew up in a small-town and rural environment, where identities are set in concrete early on and the community does not change their perception of who you are easily. Not that they are malicious, just set in their ways of being and seeing. Act up as a teenage and at the end of a long, productive life, with children and grandchildren gathered round, you are still going to be know to many as “that wild kid”.

    This is one of the attractions of the metro areas. You can leave whatever you were known as behind and start building a new identity.

    Enjoy your writing.


    • Thank you! I am from a small town, so I understand people now allowing you to change. We really do have a strong tendency to keep people the same as they were in the past. Maybe that was the draw for me visiting New York. I loved the energy and that everyone had somewhere to go and everyone was free to do their own thing. It was really appealing!

  11. Thanks for the inspiring words.

  12. Lauren, this is nicely put. I thought you were very thoughtful in your presentation, and you presented it gently and with consideration for other people’s feelings. I appreciate and respect what you said here.

  13. Thoughts as energy, shaping our bodies and world. Thoughts are the true creators. As Mike Dooley says, “Thoughts become things. Choose the good ones!” For more thoughts on this, check out my blog:

  14. I think you would really enjoy Andrew Cohen’s EVOLUTIONARY ENLIGHTENMENT!

  15. These thoughts do grapple us and cause stress. Great that you bring awareness to it. Nicely done!

  16. I believe that the two individuals who share time together, if they gather for a specific purpose, and together have meditated upon their belief, thought, prayer, philosophy, religion, spirituality…might expierence an “awakening”. A consciousness raising not easily obtained by one’s own study or by sitting amongst a crowd. Yes, it can happen for
    uplifting awareness so as to help humankind. However, I also believe two spirits of contrary nature can do the same thing under deceitful purpses (to humankind) and land all of us in one hell of a shitstorm. Thanks for the topic. Have a good one.

    • 🙂 I appreciate your insights! Thanks for sharing! It’s interesting the strength the connection of just two can have. And the capacity to create that can come from it.

  17. Can’t disagree with such amazingly in-depth and well thought out ideas. Nice! 😀

  18. I think when we go over these thoughts in our minds we build things out of proportions , to where we worry for no reason ….hence paranoia….? just a thought , nice post really enjoyed it …Tim

    • Right, I agree with you on that. When we don’t let the thoughts go, they end up overwhelming more of the mind than they should, and then our view ends up off.

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