Cleaning day!

While helping Jack clean up his toys today, he looked at me and said, “we sure have to keep cleaning don’t we?” And I said, yes, and thought about how we constantly have to do the same in our daily lives. We have to keep putting things back into place, especially in our heads. We take things out, they get stumbled upon and thrown in the other room. We forget to use them. We let other people in. They bring different things to the table. Some good, some bad. And it’s easy to get off track and stay off track.

There’s a line from Home Alone 2, (the one where they visit the big Christmas tree in NYC, probably why my love for the tree grew drastically as a child.) and the line goes, “I don’t think people mean to forget, I think they just forget to remember.” Or something to that effect. When I saw the movie this past Christmas, that line stuck with me, because it resonated as very true. There are things that I am not trying to forget. In fact, I’m trying quite hard to remember. But I have lots of priorities in my life. I have lots of things I have to attend to. And I’m the only one who can attend to them. They cannot be passed off to another for help, and in many cases they cannot wait. So I make a mental note, but then something happens, and I forget.

We take things out, but we forget to put them back. And that’s why it’s so important to get into the habit of putting things back in order. Routines help us to know what to expect. They make part of our day somewhat more predictable, and that allows us to not have to be on guard as much as we would be without it. Our energy that would have been diverted elsewhere, is now free to go where we would prefer it to go. We gain back a say in what it is that we are thinking about. We bring back some organization to what was otherwise akin to scattered chaos. We bring back focus to what we were trying to remember. Each morning we have to start off remember what we plan to do that day, how we want to spend our time, and working on ways to accomplish it. We have to remember that we want to have a good day. We have to remember that we were going to try something new. Remember that we are working on becoming who we want to be, and that we have the chance to become that person in our actions all day long. And then we have to try not to forget to remember all day long.

People may come in and out throwing us off track. Work may change. Life may happen. But no matter the case, if we build into our days something to remember and we work towards putting things back into place all throughout the day, then that will become our habit. And keeping things clean is a good habit to have, especially inside our heads!

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  1. Love the way you tell a story! By the way, Jack’s correction of your schedule by adding swimming was a hoot! They are so cute at that age that it is hard to do needed discipline. Many times I would have to walk away so the child didn’t know I was smiling over their comment.

    • Haha, I accidentally laugh all the time when I’m trying to correct him. But I figure that’s a good problem to have. I didn’t even have a schedule or tell him that he couldn’t go swimming. He just popped in the room and told me that.

  2. “But no matter the case, if we build into our days something to remember and we work towards putting things back into place all throughout the day, then that will become our habit.”

    I think, to some extent, that would be building memories with my son and writing my blog… so that, in years to come, he’ll be able to look back and remember too…

  3. Ha! Another one of our telepathic writings! Reminds me so much of my post ‘Spring Cleaning’. This is so cool!

  4. Great post, Lauren. Thank you.

  5. Love your thoughts. I definitely forget to remember. I’m that guy.

  6. Great post! I’m afraid to go into my head, though, ’cause I don’t know what I might find!! The important things go into the calendar on my phone and the to-do list. I can’t seem to remember much without my lists; or maybe it’s because I have the lists that I don’t need to remember?

  7. Great words to live by. On some days easier than others. Excellent Post.

  8. This is so valid! In the workplace sometimes I am in so many meetings that by the end of the day it’s hard to remember what my action items are! I have to take tons of notes and then prioritize at the end of the day for the next work day. If I don’t have time to do this at the end of the day I’m a little bit crazy when I get home!

    • I hate when I leave feeling like I’m not going to be prepared for the next day. So on those days I just try to remember that in the end it will all be fine, I just have to let today be how it’s going to be, and let it go! Which is hard for me most of the time, ha! 🙂

  9. Yeah I’m having to set routines too for writing and normal everyday living stuff, but as you mentioned sometimes life gets in the way for a day or two. But at least we get to start it all over again 🙂

  10. I love this post. Beautiful insight. It’s something I need to apply right now, and your timing of finding and liking my page is perfect. It led me to yours and your great posts. Looking forward to reading more. Love, Marla

  11. Things serve in the same way as people. They will serve you as long as you are careful with them. If you obtained them after all, you must care. Most of them were meant for you namely. They are made by someone for you. They have their own “homes” in your home. Strangely, but I believe in the vivacity of inanimate objects. : ) Once my boss was presented a plastic flower. It sways. A colleague of mine tells us, “What’s so good in this inanimate flower?” To what I said, “Because it works like animated, it wants to be alive. Do you really think it’s spiritless? Have a look at it, doesn’t it?”. And the plastic flower started to flap its petals as zealously and fervently as never before. You should have seen the faces and mine.

  12. Routines don’t tie us down, they actually free us to concentrate on the other things that vary from day to day. But it can be very difficult to adhere to healthy routines when external prompts or requirements are removed. Ask anyone recently retired about how aimless and lost one can feel when suddenly faced with very little imposed structure or routine. It takes time to get used to this idea that too much freedom might not be freedom at all, but a kind of puposeless drifting.

  13. I am now in the mindset this summer to unclutter, both at work and home. Not just to move into a proper place, but to get rid of it altogether.
    Thanks for the reminder!

  14. this is exactly how I feel when I learn new meditation techniques or hear a good quote that inspires me and I want to remember. Naturally I am a very organized person, if only we could organize our thoughts into folders like that of a computer!

  15. now i have to go clean 😉

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