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My Tuesday

So you know when you have one of those days. You’re hanging out with your son and your nephew and you notice your nearly two-year-old nephew that you are taking care of has two big bites on his finger and his ear. Naturally you rush him inside certain that it happened while you were out doors, only to find that there’s a lovely queen bee sitting inside the door waiting for everyone to arrive. You freak out because bugs that sting around the 3 and under crew you are taking care of don’t mix well, but find a way to get rid of the bug with no further injuries. You clean off all the bites and try to no avail to find the bite lotion that you’ve certainly just thrown out last month noticing it had expired (a few years ago). So instead you turn your focus to food. You stand in the kitchen, open the refrigerator only to hear the outside porch door open. You think to yourself – well since the youngest has just learned to unlock the door, someone’s definitely outside. Run from the kitchen to find that when the toddler did, in fact, open the door, he also let in two wasps, one of which was GIANT! So again you immediately freak out having flashbacks from when you were stung in the middle of the head as a child in the bathroom of your aunt’s house. In order to keep the kids safe you close the bedroom door and tell them to stay in there while you aimlessly search for the bug spray that your certain is nowhere it the house/garage. As toddlers are amazing listeners, similar to adult males, you find during your search that the toddlers have left the room, one has run back outside and the other has a shoe pretending to hit the window and get the bug. You again freak out, as the wasps didn’t take well to the show banging incident and have decided to band together and stage an attack. So you shut the outside door, and send the other child back to the bedroom as you try to contain the wasps on the porch with no further injuries to anyone. At this point the wasps are taking turns flying at you, so you do what anyone would do in this situation. You run and grab the phone to call your sister to tell her you are trapped in your house and your nephew is trapped outside (I could see him the entire time) because the  bugs have collectively decided that today was the day they were going to take your house down! Fortunately you get some bug spray and some help from your relatives and eventually the 10 minute or less ordeal that felt like it lasted hours finally comes to an end. Screaming children, a pounding pulse, and an exceptionally high stress level are all that remain of the exciting events of the day. This was my Tuesday.


To blog or not to blog…. that is the question.

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