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Today was a bit of an adventure. We started off the morning celebrating the birthday of one of Jack’s friends. Then we took a brief 1.5 hour trip to the ER to get a chest x-ray for Jack. Fortunately three hours later I found out everything was all clear, and his continued coughing should resolve soon. I’m hoping that’s the case. Since it’s been such a long day and there is a Friday Favorite trend, I’m actually going to do a spin on that and pick one of my favorite quotes to talk about.

“Let no one ever come to you without leaving happier” – Mother Teresa

When I was sitting in the waiting room today I looked around at all the people. And I thought about all of the different struggles that were going on there. Yesterday my 88-year-old grandmother had surgery for colon cancer. We were one of the families that was nervous and anxious in the waiting room. But she is back in her room, and was sitting up today, and outside of a bit of nausea is doing quite well, especially given her age. But I thought about how nice the support is. Even when it’s hard, even when you don’t want to hear it, it’s nice to know someone is trying to care. (don’t get me wrong, it’s definitely irritating when the people we want to care are not the ones who care)

A lot of the time, I actually find it nice when it’s strangers who take the time out to be kind. In those situations there are no strings attached. It’s simply someone taking the time out to acknowledge your existence and in a positive manner, and it’s left at that. I really like this idea. People always talk about the power of a smile. And it’s true. It’s hard to be unhappy when you’re smiling. And that energy will carry on to those who let it in. We can’t force people to be happy, but we can make it a point to do our best to be positive and encouraging to others, even if it’s just a smile. And even if it’s just for that moment. It’s nice to know that we can brighten someone’s day. Because we know it makes a difference in our lives when someone takes the time to brighten our day. Moments are fleeting, and we have to make the most of them. We can choose to be happy. We can choose to let light in. And we can choose to give light out. So with all that’s going on and with the day dwindling down here, I’m going to leave you with this: Make it a point to make someone’s day brighter this weekend. Even if it’s a stranger you see on the sidewalk. Take time to smile, even if there’s no reason to. When that’s the case you’ve got nothing to lose anyway.

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  1. Hi Lauren, I am happy to hear your little Jack didn’t have any scary x-rays. I am a huge advocate of chiropractic care from birth – do you and your family seek proactive health alternatives like that? I’m always surprised at how many people are so quick to dismiss the body’s ability to heal itself WITHOUT medicine – especially in children where the youthful immune system is at it’s BEST! … How does your brain and body communicate to maintain health and function?? Through your spinal cord! (duh right?) 😉 …

    Birth can be very hard on an infant’s spine, especially hospital births where the mother’s are forced to birth on their backs and the babies are pulled from the birth canal rather than gravity’s gentle tug. So many children with chronic illness have spinal misalignments from birth that can be gently and easily manipulated into sync by the right hands and voila! the illness will disappear! I have a gifted chiropractor who I visit FIRST before going to my PCP – 95% of the time my illness will disappear and I never have to visit my PCP – that goes for migraines, sinus infections, fevers, the flu, stomach virus, digestion issues and thyroid conditions, and of course your general back and neck aches and pains. In fact I can’t remember the last time the chiro didn’t do the trick. I haven’t taken antibiotics in years because I catch it in the very beginning stages and visit the chiro and then load up on probiotics and the illness runs it’s course in half the time!

    My daughter has been getting her spine adjusted since birth and she has never been to an ER and has had only 2 sick visits in her entire 3 years and 5 months. When she has a fever the first thing I do – before tylenol – is take her to the chiro. (even after hours, they are on call and will meet me at the office) EVERY SINGLE TIME she has spiked a fever she has had a vertebra misaligned and with a gentle adjustment her fever has dropped/disappeared within the hour! I am not exaggerating!! She gets adjusted once a month as a proactive measure same as myself.

    It is important to seek out a well referred chiro who is more concerned with your health than scheduling repeated visits and collecting co-pays. If your body holds alignment there should be no need for more than once a month unless for the occasional illness. And the adjustments should be with gentle non cracking or very limited cracking and definitely NO twisting of any kind – especially for children!! The modern chiros use a device called an “activator” that feels like a tap with a stiff finger and is not at all scary or painful for adults or children. I strongly encourage you (obviously 🙂 ) to take Jack to see a chiropractor and tell me about the experience! Now that you’ve ruled out any serious conditions, why not just give it a shot? 🙂

    Blessings to you!


    • She and Jack are just about the same age. Jack has only had two sick visits as well. Never an ear infection or anything. The first time he had walking pneumonia after having never been sick before. This time it’s some sort of infection, but it’s clearing up. One of our good friends is a chiropractor and Jack has gone to him. As have my nephews. I love it. And I don’t give medicines unless necessary. Thank you for all of the advice. It’s important to know how everything interacts, and I think a lot of times people don’t realize just how much the spine does effect things. The pediatrician is skeptical of the chiropractor, but I love it. Both are very smart and careful, and do a great job.


  2. Good thoughts Lauren…Like others I wish your grandmother a good recovery. And I’m sorry that the virus Jack seemed to contract isn’t cleared up yet. Ongoing coughs are so troubling. Smiles do usually bring about smiles from others..I have found that to be true. Even the check out cashier who is tired, a mother struggling with an unhappy chile in the store …and like you say just passing someone in the street. Why not smile….it can make someone feel better in their day….Diane


  3. Hi …I have nominated your blog for the versatile , beautiful blogger award ..


  4. captainpractical

    Hi Lauren,

    It sounds like you have had a lot happening this week & hope your grandmother is recovering well from the operation and Jack’s coughing has lessened. Another excellent post and the quote is heart warming from Mother Teresa. It made me smile 🙂


  5. I hope your grandmother continues to make excellent progress and makes a full recovery 🙂 My father had prostate cancer a few years back and he’s been absolutely fine since then 🙂

    When James was about 15 months old, he had to have non-invasive surgery on his kidney; his left kidney is very underdeveloped and he needed a procedure to seal up a hole. I’m ashamed to say I can’t remember the details… but then, to be honest, I think that’s because I vividly remember other events from that day.

    I remember seeing him being carried away by the nurse to the surgery – his head was over her shoulder and he was looking back at us. It made (and makes) tears come to my eyes. I remember waiting for news, with the other anxious parents. There was a man there, with his son. He saw us waiting and came over to us. He politely asked the name of our child and then offered to say a prayer for him. Now, I’m not a praying man as such… but we sat there together and said a prayer for James.

    I’ll never forget that. That wasn’t the only time when a complete stranger has helped us out, for the sake of James. Sometimes the kindness of strangers blows you away and I only hope I’m able to pay it forward in the future for someone else 🙂


    • I think having to let your child undergo surgery or any procedure where you can’t be present is one of the hardest things to do in life. I can’t stand how vulnerable it makes me feel just thinking of it, even if I am confident that he’s in good hands. I’m glad people took the time to be kind for James’ sake. I think especially when my mind is on the well-being of someone else, it’s nice to have people acknowledge that in whatever form.


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