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It’s Monday morning, what’s on your horizon?


It’s Monday morning. The start to a new week. The first week of July. The year is now just more than half-way completed. And though this fact is slightly frustrating for me, because time seems to incessantly fly these days, I decided I would make sure to do everything I can to make this week a great week.

I have no plans other than working. But I do realize that we have the chance to start off each week with the expectation of having a great week, and with the capacity to do what we can to make it so. If we think of the things we want to happen during a week, the things that we can do each day that will bring us closer to who we want to be then we can map out a week that makes us feel accomplished. So I’m making it a point to add in the things that I have been delaying doing (talking to bookstores about my book) and making excuses for doing (I will exercise today, despite the heat and despite having Jack with me).

With each new week, we have the chance to make it a week worth our time. And to do this we fill our time with things that are worthwhile. There are things we have to do in life, things we need to do in life, and things we want to do with our lives. When the things we want to do take on the role of things we have to do and need to do we make them a priority. If we don’t make the things we want in life a priority, then we will never look back and see them done. It’s okay doing the things we may not want to do, if we are also doing the things that make us feel like us. The things that make us feel like we are becoming the person we want to be. We can achieve happiness through the tiniest of actions, as long as those actions line up with who we want to be. As we take the time to remember that our dreams are worth accomplishing, our time is worth spending well, our hopes are worth believing, then we can take time each day to make our day great. And this can turn into a great week. Which turns into a great month. And then a great year. And eventually we will see a great life. A life where we filled our weeks and our days, our time, with the things we loved and felt were worthwhile. We lived a life of worth and hope. And when we do that, we find happiness and by default we share it with others.

So this week as you get the chance to choose how to spend your time, spend it making the week great. Make it a point to incorporate the things you need to look back and say, “This was a great week!” Take the time to look back and feel like you are making it a point to become the person you want to be.

Happy Monday everyone!


(and you know, if you need a good read for the week, my book will be on sale through Saturday for .99 on Amazon. Where else can you buy happiness for a dollar??)

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