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Impressed by you

I am exceptionally impressed by those who are able to blog daily or even regularly. I have no idea how you all are able to keep up so well. It’s a bit inspiring that people have so much they are willing to say and share so often. The psychologist in me wants to do a study on  it. But, the mom in me wants to sleep 🙂 


That being said, I do need to work on doing better with this thing. I’m just not certain of what all to say. I’ll have to do some more research. So for the moment I’m going to share my concern: I think my child thinks he’s British. He freaks out about Big Ben. He’s been obsessed with it for almost a year now. He corrects my American English to pronounce it in a British accent. I explained to him, that when I speak that way I have a Madonna accent, and that’s not the same. He doesn’t seem to care. He recently added Downton Abbey to our Netflix queue. This was an accident, but I thought it was ironic. We won a plane ticket to the UK and will be traveling there this fall, hopefully. I think he willed that into reality, as well. Who wins tickets to the UK?  But if anyone has any ideas on what to do/how to travel when there, let me know, my imaginary friends! I can’t really blame Jack. The Beatles (who he also loves) are certainly awesome, and Big Ben is pretty great, too. So I’m hoping this isn’t something I need to worry about. All 3-year-olds have things they love. And his could certainly be worse (because to be fair, I kind of like it). Right?

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