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Sameness: Because we are all unique and unknown even to ourselves


As I have progressed in age… yes, I like to sound like I’m old sometimes, even though I’ve discovered 30 is not so old. I hate it when my parents were right. Not the point. As I have progressed in age, I’ve discovered a wonderful thing about my thoughts. They’ve matured, well somewhat. And I think the nicest thing that has come of this is that answer to the question many of us struggle with when we are young.

So many of us (if not all of us) have a tendency to feel different. We feel like we aren’t quite the same. We feel like we aren’t ever going to be the same. And as a teenager, this can be a daunting thing to deal with. But what’s nice to know now is that we were right. We aren’t the same. BUT, neither is anyone else. And that makes us ALL the same.

We are all unique. We all have something different. We all have something individual to offer. Even if other people have the same qualities, simply by the virtue that no two of us live the exact same life (even conjoinied twins) we all have something a little bit different to give. We are all great in our individuality.

It’s ironic that something that states our separation also states how we are united. We are all just people. We have forgotten things about our lives. There are things we don’t even know about ourselves anymore. Sometimes I find it really hard to remember how I used to think, and I wonder why I felt the way I used to feel. We all grow, we all change. Some more than others, but nonetheless. We have to be willing to accept that we are both different and the same. And that there ARE people who understand us. That we can all offer something worth while. Everything in life changes and fades. Time moves forward. Life goes on. “This too shall pass” is an important thing to recognize. We can all get through our issues and our problems. Especially when we do take the time to realize that despite the fact that we are unique, everyone else is too. And though no two experiences are the exact same, there are similarities. There are good things to be offered forth by others.

We have the ability to thrive in as individuals. But only because we are the same as everyone else. Only because we have something worth giving. So work towards the things you have to give. Find others who have worked to give the same things too. There is a wealth of knowledge in all of us unique human beings. And it’s enough to turn the tides of our lives and point us to where we want to go.

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