The Night Sky

My friend Richard wrote this book: 2015 An Astronomical Year: A Reference Guide to 365 Nights of Astronomy. If you are at all interested in what’s happening in the skies around us, it’s a really great read. He provides details of all of the upcoming astronomical events that are going to be taking place over the course of next year. Many of which you can see with your eyes, no need for a telescope or anything. Plus information about the constellations and where they’ll be throughout the year. The book is a great read and reference. It’s worth a look. Starting July 20, to celebrate the 45th anniversary of the Apollo 11 moon landing the book is going to be free for 5 days on amazon kindle. You don’t need a kindle to read a kindle book – there are free apps for it on every media device out there (minus the nook of course) – iPad, iPhone, Android phones, Galaxy tablets…. etc. and you can read it on your computer as well. If you know of someone who might like it as a gift, you can gift kindle books to people on amazon as well.


Happy star gazing!! 🙂


The US link is:

The UK link is:



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  1. Thanks Lauren – I was literally just about to reply to your email too LOL BTW… i don’t mean to sound ungrateful and/or nit-picky, but it’s astronomical not astrological (don’t worry… I forgive you 🙂 )


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