Know Your Worth and Live It

“I am a human being. Nothing human can be alien to me.” – Terence

One of the most important things we can do for ourselves, I believe it to be the single-most important thing we can do is: Know your worth and live it.

Seek out truth. Don’t believe something simply because someone says it is so. Be proactive in your quest for knowledge and growth. There will be conflicting opinions on everything, including from people you trust. Remember the importance of being an individual who has the capacity to take in what you’ve heard and discern truth from fiction.

And one of the greatest truths to remember and live by is that you are worthy. Feel free to not take me at my word and to instead look into it, explore it. Research it. We have to search into who we are and why we think and feel the way we do. What makes me believe I am not worthy? What makes me choose to believe myself undeserving of the happinesses* I seek, instead of believing that I am deserving of these things? We judge ourselves so quickly. Why are we not allowed to be a humans who are human? People who make mistakes, but are not ruined. People who fall down, but are capable of rising to the occasion, also. Not perfect, but always worthy.

Our feelings of self-worth impact just about every decision we make, even the mundane. If we look at the truth and understand that we are inherently worthy and being human doesn’t remove that, then we can rise more often and help bring others up with us along the way.

If we have self-worth we can see our dreams and believe in them.

If we have self-worth we can see our future and know we are capable of achieving it.

If we have self-worth we are able to know that we will falter, we will fall, but we can and will get back up and still be capable and someone of worth.

If we have self-worth we are able to redirect a path that didn’t work out as expected. We can change direction, but not give up or settle.

If we have self-worth we can see ourselves as who we want to be. We can see the best of what we have to offer and work towards becoming that person a little more every day.

We mostly overlook worth. We fail to realize just how important it is to each of us as individuals and to all of us in our humanity. We must take the time to stop and observe our actions and who we are. How are we contributing to our own well-being? Do we let our lack of worth lead us using fear? Or do we look to the truth and let the knowledge that we are worthy lead us to the life we want to lead? Always search for truth. Let it set you free to be who you want to be.

*Yes, I know happinesses isn’t a word, but Jack uses it that way and we do seek multiple types of happiness so it makes sense to me.

(You can start your research here if you’d like (my book)  – Barbara Walters once said, “If you care about the work that you have done, then you need to tell people about it.”)

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I'm a mom. Sometimes my hands turn orange. Other times I write. On twitter: @laurenc129

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  1. Words of advice I recently wrote for James… be true to yourself… I spent years thinking / feeling / behaving a certain way because that what I thought was expected of me. I morphed into the person that I thought others wanted me to be and then (eventually) realised that I was no longer who I am… and I became unhappy… which then had a negative effect upon the people around me…

    …be true to yourself… and be with those who are true to you and who love you for who you are.

    It’s a little late, but those are my words of wisdom 🙂


  2. Thank you so much for stopping by my blog!!! I am following you now. What inspirational and true words you have to share! Thank you!!!


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  4. Yes, I’m anyone else, and still good advice to keep in mind every day.


  5. All that we can be is a manifestation of either love or of fear- we make the choice — excellent post — namaste sister xo-Janaki


  6. Hi! Thanks for visiting my blog. I love this post! Looks like we are both truth seekers (go us!). Thanks for sharing your wisdom with me and keep up the good work ❤


  7. I have discovered that what is true for someone else may not be true for me. Your post was full of good advice!


  8. Well presented; if there is anything I can say, is be like you sat individual .


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