Pondering the ‘end of days’ talk


This is my mom and her siblings on a trip leaving California when she was little. I just happened to run across it on my computer, and thought I’d share. 🙂

I really don’t have much to say, but I guess since the world didn’t end today, I should really get a move on Christmas shopping. Lots of people will be getting gift cards this year!

However, I would like to take this time to say that all this talk of the end of days and in light of recent events, it really has become an even bigger priority of mine to make sure that I am staying in a state of awareness when it comes to Jack and my nephews. I want to make sure that there is real attention given, that we are spending not just time, but quality time together. That we are interacting in a way that moves beyond simply just talking, but my mind being somewhere else. I want to make sure that I have focus when we interact. Don’t get me wrong, it’s impossible to constantly be focused in and to have that sort of interaction. But it is important to do so at least for a bit each day.

I tend to look at it as if something crazy was to happen, I want to make sure that those experiences exist in his recent memory and mine. There is comfort in knowing that I’m putting forth the effort. When we do things like that it really makes a difference. There has to be balance, kids need their own time, they need to play outside, and sometimes it is just being in the same room that makes a difference. But just like any other relationship, we all want to be heard. We want to be given that focus and attention, too. And I have to say, this week really has been a good week. It’s been a calmer week in terms of the way we all interact. There’s been less hostility and when you’re talking about two teenagers, a two year old and a four year old, calm is not normally a word used to describe the time! 🙂 But it really has been very nice. And that’s a good reminder that these changes do need to happen. That there are things within my control, our control, that are easy and can make a difference. And that is reassuring in such trying times.

I hope you all have a wonderful weekend, and a very Merry Christmas (belated happy Chanukah) and are filled with love and hope over the end of this holiday season!

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  5. Glad it was calm on your end… Then past few days have been really hot, draining all the energy from myself and all the volounteers at the orphanage. The kids seem to have more energy and the babies seem to be crying more… Oh the joys of kids! Wouldn’t change the experiences for anything!


  6. That picture is so funny to me. Everyone’s facial expressions look just like my family’s faces in vacation photo albums.


  7. Good thoughts…it’s always good to be aware of our words, actions and time spent with those who we love and are important to us…good memories…Diane


  8. My wife and I have been thinking and doing the same thing. Even as teenagers they find comfort in just having us in the same room or within earshot of our voices. I know I am going to be more mindful about how I interact with my kids form hear on. Thanks for sharing this.


  9. Wandering Voiceless

    The “intentional” moments remind me of an interview Oprah did with — I think — Maya Angelou, in which Ms. Angelou said your eyes must “light up” when your kids walk into the room, as though they are the best thing you’ve seen all day — or ever. By the the time I saw the interview, I was long past actually raising my kids, but I try to put it into practice now with them and with my husband… at least some of the time! :>


  10. On a light note, I have been joking about how they predicted we would be living on the moon by this time as well!

    You make some excellent points- it may not be the end of the world completely, but the negatives in society are building faster than the positives… What will that all lead to?
    Secondly, we treated this ‘fateful day’ with indifference and jokes; but how rewdy are we for the unexpected?!
    Thanks for sharing your thoughts. And provoking more!


  11. I love this post. It hits home for me. I raised my kids being an un-diagnosed bipolar ( with a few other ailments thrown in there). The youngest is 19 now and I see the scars I inflicted play out daily in his personality. I cannot fix that per sey, but I can try. You are so right about trying to find the times when you can truely communicate with them and doing it. One of the hardest things I have ever done was to sit down with each of them and apologize for all I had done. They forgave me and I do all I can to help them move forward in this trying life they were dealt. I still mess up all the time, but they finally know I love them and I’m doing the best I can.

    It is great to hear your successes. Helps me to keep going forward too…


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