Where rises inspiration, rises hope, even if it is from a “silly, little show.”

This is the Beatles’ first appearance on Ed Sullivan via http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=WHuRusAlw-Y

So, while watching “The Voice” tonight one of the judges commented that this is a “silly, little show.” Not in a bad way, but in a “in the grand scheme of things this isn’t curing cancer kind of way”. And though the show may not showcase researchers in a medical lab, I’m going to very kindly disagree (sort of) with the notion.

The thing about talent, is that it inspires. And inspiration is an amazing thing. There is power in inspiration. Inspiration rarely happens absent of a connection. We connect with something, and suddenly things make sense. We feel what others are feeling. And that gives rise to hope.

One of the main ways many of us find inspiration is through the arts. Whether it’s drawings, paintings, sculptures, writings, readings, and music to name a few. What exists within these forms of expression are extensions of a person’s soul. We use the arts to tell others what lives inside of us. It tells others how we connect, and gives them that same chance. When we make that connection we feel alive in a way that we don’t normally feel without that inspiration. The talents that we have matter. Sharing the talents that we have matters. I love that there are now forums for people to constantly find sources of inspiration any time we want now. It’s an amazing thing. And the show, silly or not, truly does allow for those types of connections to be made. It has the capacity to inspire millions each week. That is an awesome power. It allows people to see that following our passion truly can lead us to somewhere amazing. Somewhere unthinkable. What exists within us, each of us, can truly change lives. It can give rise to inspiration, and give rise to hope. We can bring one another to higher heights by taking a chance and doing our best.

Music is my vice (one of them, writing is as well). I don’t know how to survive without it. When I need to escape, when I need to think, or when I need to just smile there’s a song for it. There are usually multiple songs for it. Music is diversified and designed to make us feel. Even without words, music can move us. I think the universe is inherently musical. It’s how it communicates with us and how we respond in kind. Every culture on earth has some form of music as a component in it. It’s one of the few universals out there.

When I was little the only shows I would watch on TV were ones that had people singing in them. So as you can imagine growing up in the 80s I watched a lot of Kids Incorporated and Jem (who truly amazed me). Billy Joel was my first concert. I was somewhere around the age of 2. And that was quickly followed by the Beach Boys. The music I remember most from when I was really young comes from that era… It was the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Billy Joel and Motown. People find it funny in conversations when the Temptations come on and my response is always that it brings me back to my childhood, because the songs were popularized 20 years before I was born. But that’s the great thing about great music. It lives on. That connection lives on. Great music touches lives forever. Even if it’s on a silly, little show. I’m sure “The Ed Sullivan Show” could be classified in a similar manner, but it had an unprecedented impact on people around the world simply because a band played a few songs on February 9, 1964. And the impact lasts to this day. So in short, Adam and I actually agree. Everything we do matters. Everything we do has the potential to change lives.

(PS guys I promise I’m going to stop writing about “the voice”…. and you know, buy my book. Seriously, it’s a worthwhile, cost-effective gift for any occasion, and everyone you forgot to put on your list this year!  🙂

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  1. Jem! I Ioved that show — used to watch it before leaving for school in the am. I am in total agreement with you on how great music has the ability to move your soul. Thank you for writing about this so eloquently!


  2. The Beatles were the greatest crooners of all time. Enjoyed the video. Every song was great; the way it was written, composed, and performed. The only thing that makes “The Voice” “silly” and “little” is that it’s a contest. Maybe it’s not much different from a fiddling contest. I know some old timers that don’t like those either. Contest or not, it’s like Bob Marley said,

    “One good thing about music
    When it hits you feel no pain
    So hit me with music, Hit me with music now
    Hit me with music, brutalize me with music”


    • I LOVE Bob Marley too! Thanks so much for sharing that from him! And yes, I agree, The Beatles hands down, best ever. It is a silly show, but music has the potential to move people, and people following their dreams do as well. 🙂


  3. Great post, Lauren! I agree about music and the arts. There are so many ways to be inspired regardless of your talent level and involvement. And I too love The Voice 🙂


    • 🙂 I’m a little sad, because I love Amanda and Trevin. And in my car I pretend that I sing “Vision of Love” just as well as they did. Because it’s important to indulge your imagination, especially as you get older!


  4. ‘”You Are So Beautiful To Me” was performed so ‘beautifully’ — emotional and gratifying!


  5. Silly little shows, silly little computer worlds, silly little governments,silly little people. silly little ball game.
    When does it become an event? When people are real when they are doing it no matter how silly from there Hearts. John Lennon was a silly little man singing silly little songs but oh how they cut through that thick Fog of B.S and went straight to my unthinking Heart.
    Nice Blog.


  6. You hit on something I realised a long time ago too – that music really does unite us. Not every one likes to read… not every one likes to dance… but music… every one listens to some form of music and it doesn’t really rely on technology like movies (another, arguably, almost universal like amongst people)

    Obviously with a username like mine i love music too, and I too love to read and write and be creative… but when all three come together… magic happens 😀


    • Hahaha, yes absolutely your name gives you away! You have a broad music base, much larger than mine. You know and thankfully share lots of great music with everyone! And it does make magic happen! 🙂


  7. I love the Australian version of The Voice!! Music heals and soothes the soul! I loved the 80’s…no matter how daggy they were! Lol xxx


    • Oh, I love that you used the word daggy. I’m going to use it and people here will look at me like I’m crazy, and it will be phenomenal! I was born in the 80’s so there’s a soft spot there for me, because it’s some of the first music I ever knew.


      • Sorry, slang Aussie word! *laughing* An American follower asked me to use some Aussie slang in my posts…I think to get a good laugh! I try not to use it! Lol I’m a *68* child, 80’s was my thing!!
        Loved that whole disco thingy!! *laughing* Big hair do’s colorful clothes and cask wine!!! Lol We thought we were all that and more!
        Enjoy the weekend…….Paula xx


      • Haha, I love it!! That sounds fantastic! You do the same! 🙂


  8. It’s always nice to Read your words and hear your voice, thanks for your post.
    Be well


  9. There are a lot of ‘silly shows’ that have made an impact on people’s lives. I’m grateful for some of the ones my children watched growing up that had morals within the show..like.. ‘Leave it to Beaver’..(how much ribbing that show gets)…or like ‘Andy Griffith and Mayberry” or ‘Sesame Street’.

    Music as you say also has an impact of people…different kinds for different people but it brings back nostalgia when we listen to some of our favourite kinds…each from our own era…..Diane


    • I used to watch both of those shows when I was little. I kind of wonder what I did that I saw as much as I saw on TV, because I was outside a lot. I hated being inside, yet there are so many shows tied to my childhood. I did wake up much earlier then though.


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