Day 17 – Movies and moving forward

Jack fell asleep unusually early tonight, and somehow I ended up watching Toy Story 3 alone, and not changing the channel. You can call me a sap, but everyone I know cried during the movie, so I’m comfortable with it. I normally don’t watch it, because it does make me sad. And today was a cleaning day so we were already cleaning up rooms and clearing out old toys and putting aside a few to save, so the movie came right on time.

Anyway, I was watching tonight, you know, 10 minutes ago at the end, and I started thinking about how hard it is to let go of those things that have meant so much to us. Whether it’s a toy or a trinket or something big, like a friendship or a relationship. We like to be connecting to things that make us feel happy. Things that give us a sense of knowing. We know who we are when we play with those toys… or with Jack I know who he was when I look at some of his old toys or outfits from the past few years. It serves as a reminder of something familiar. Something strong. Those things embody the things that we want to continue in our lives. And I think when I look back over today and I think of the toys I had when I was younger, I can remember my Cabbage Patch doll (I had a preemie newborn one, she had a crib and at Christmas time I would put her by the fireplace we used to have in my old house.) and I remember how happy I was. There was a lot of hopefulness for what would come. Even though there were lots of issues, the future seemed to hold a lot of possibility and that time when I played and entered into my own little world it was even better. I had an escape and I had a connection. And I think that’s what we hold onto. Those things that helped us escape or those things that hold the possibility for a future that we want. The things we were able to connect with in a way that gave us help and hope.

But the help and hope are always inside of us. And those things, even though they hold special memories are just things. Even when those things are friendships or relationships. Sometimes we really do just have to let them go and let them move on to a place where they can be more beneficial. Whether it’s donating toys or clothes or letting go of  someone in our life, we have to let those things evolve. Our roles in one another’s lives grow and change. And even though it can be sad, it’s good to let go. It’s the only way we can move forward. And moving forward is something to be thankful for. 🙂

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  1. Great stuff! My nephew who is 7 years old, loves the Madagascar series! BTW, cool post! 🙂


  2. Thoughtful post thanks. Maybe we need to be content in our lives in order to let go of the past, whatever it might be; but maybe we need to let go of the past to be content in the present:-)


  3. Reblogged this on karlitoweb and commented:
    I am reblogging this today as opposed to Saturday/Share-turday because this message rings true in my life right here and now, Jacky. RIGHT HERE AND NOW. (bonus points to those getting the reference) – k


  4. Nice post. I guess that as we grow older (and wiser – if we grow wiser) we come to realise life is not about accumulating, it is about sharing. Easy to say, not always as easy to do, huh?


  5. I totally relate to this post and what you say! Letting things go is the only way to give them, and us, a new place. I find that actually letting go of objects is very helpful in the process of moving forward!


  6. So often, the decision to let go is based on a personal decision for our own growth. Sometimes, though, it isn’t about us at all. Many of us only wish the best for those we love in our lives. It is this love that causes us to hold on very tight. Yet, just like the abominable snowman in Looney Tunes (“and I will hug him, and pet him…”), we can squeeze the life out of the one we love.

    Sometimes, letting go is all about letting someone else in, someone who’s gifts more closely match that person’s needs during that season in their life. The heart cries out in grief, but it is still the right thing to do.


  7. simplyeclecticlife

    Well said. I am in the process of moving out of state. The majority of my stuff is going to have to go to a storage unit for a period of time. The storage unit isn’t large so that means a lot of downsizing. A lot of getting rid of. A lot of moving on.
    It’s often times hard to get rid of stuff because of the memory attached to the item(s). The memory is there regardless, the “stuff” triggers the memory. I wonder if we can keep the memory close without needing the actual item to trigger the memory….a journal with pictures perhaps?


  8. Lovely post and so very true. So many agonize over having the let things go. . .but sometimes it’s just the way of the world. If we are meant to be with those folks again, it will happen. If not, the journey has ended with them and it’s time for a new journey with forward movement always. Thanks.


  9. Something I needed to hear today. Thank you.


  10. I’ve let go of many friendships this year that were no longer serving me (me making all the effort is truly draining). It feels so good to let go. I feel refreshed and liberated. And it’s great that I no longer feel this sense of urgency to hang on to something that fell apart a long time ago.

    As for the toys and stuffed animals, I’m holding on to them dearly. Most of them I’ve accumulated in the past seven years from my husband (he even found a Bugs Bunny doll similar to one my grandmother gave me when I was a little girl). While there’s a good lesson in letting go, there’s also a good lesson in keeping things that are dear 🙂

    Great post, as usual! Your writing always makes me think (glad I’m following you on Twitter too because I somehow missed this one in my blog reader!)


  11. My grandsons sleeping over and had to bring Monkey,Dragon,Snake and Ted! He couldn’t leave anyone behind! *laughing* he’s 3.
    Hope you had a great weekend! …..Paula x


  12. 🙂 James and I nearly watched Toy Story 3 tonight. He caught a little of TS2 last night and said he wanted to watch 3 tonight, but I rented Arthur Christmas from Redbox so we watched that instead. You have to watch that 🙂 It’s my favourite Christmas movie now… not just because I saw it with James last Thanksgiving, but because it’s English and it reminds me of my childhood Christmases back home.

    We saw Wreck It Ralph recently – James wanted to give it ten stars out of five LOL He also wants to go see Rise Of The Guardians when that comes out, so I’m sure he’ll be recommending that too LOL


  13. You’re having one of those quiet ‘pensive’ moments tonight…special thoughts..Diane


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