Day 10 – Anger management?

Tonight I am thankful, honestly thankful, that I did not punch the wall. I remembered that last time I punched a wall when I was a teenager… it hurt. And even though I really, really, really, really, really, really, really hate it when a quarterback, more specifically my team’s quarterback, throws an interception in the endzone and the other team goes more than 100 yards to score. And I’m thankful that when someone said, “there’s no reason to get so upset, just remember the things in your life that you are thankful for,” I didn’t punch that person either. So tonight, that’s two things that I successfully avoided allowing my anger to overcome me on. I did, however, yell and turn off the TV. But I feel that it was beyond warranted. FAR BEYOND WARRANTED. It’s all because I got my hopes up. Which in reality is a good thing. It’s good to have things we are passionate about. That we hope in. Etc, etc, etc… Yes, that’s as close as I can get to saying something worthwhile. I am only competitive when I care. I have drastically decreased the number of sporting events and other contests that I watch because, well, by competitive I meant extremely competitive and a terribly poor loser, so it was for my well-being that I stopped. So in conclusion, I didn’t punch anything at all today. (I’m pretty sure the wall that one time is the only thing I’ve ever really punched. I’m really good at not punching things, so that’s a plus.) And I’m thankful that I have that control. Because there are some people out there tonight in the ER because they punched a wall and broke their hand. I’m thankful I’m not one of them.

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  1. I think its hilarious the theme of this post coupled with the Twitter feed right beside it that says: “I just love smiling! Smiling’s my favorite!”

  2. Thanks for liking my post. I’m not too old to need encouragement! Stay the course and enjoy the journey.

  3. Glad you left the wall alone. I never want you and my husband to watch a game together – the house would come tumbling down. Happy Sunday and Veterans Day.

  4. I think the atmosphere these days is conducive to anger, unfortunately. I’m not an aggressive person, normally, but I’m like utesmile in that when I’m really, really angry, I get very, very, quiet. I do yell at the TV when my team is losing. My partner, who isn’t into sports much, just goes into the office and goes online. The dogs don’t like it when I yell and usually disappear into the office with him. 🙂
    But I don’t think I’ve ever punched a wall. I did break a whole set of dishes once, though, out of frustration.

    • I have ironically always enjoyed the idea of throwing something that breaks, like a dish. Even though I don’t get angry nearly as often anymore, and when I get to that point it usually has to do with sports. I’m quiet in general, because I found when I was younger that if I start yelling in an argument, I tend to start crying, which was not what I wanted to happen. It was very frustrating.

  5. I’ve recently admitting to being competitive also, and shifted to playing to ‘enjoy’ instead of playing to ‘win’, so that in the event I do lose, at least I had fun! And if I play to ‘enjoy’, I’ll always win. Though it is easier said than done, I have saved the lives of many walls.

    • Haha, I’ll admit, it was a struggle the first time I was willing to let my nephews win a game of go fish, because I was so bad at losing. I like to blame that on being a teenager at the time 🙂

  6. Yes nice to see you are human, haha,I am though totally the opposite to you , I never felt the urge to punch anything or anyone, I just get totally quiet. I got punched by my sister when we grew up, always on the left arm, I had constant bruises but lived with it….. now we have the best sibling realtionship ever, can you believe it. If I get really angry I get quiet and try and think, as I do not want to do anything in haste, it might be wrong. That is me! Love your posts.! 🙂

    • Haha, very human! Your approach is much more productive than punching a wall or being impulsive. I’ve gotten a lot better about not getting angry or wrapped up, but every now and then I give in! I’m glad you and your sister get along now. It’s one of the nice things about getting older, an improved sibling relationship, at least that’s what I find! 🙂

  7. Ha! Funny, but also very thought provoking. Nice! I’m the opposite to you. Punching things is one of my ways of coping; one of the reasons why I acquired a punching bag, else there would be a lot of walls in the ER. Although I like your strength of character and your ability to not resort to what could be seen as inappropriate and unnecessary emotive behavior, I may stress that sometimes there is the pressing need for us to relinquish some of our anger and frustration (in a controlled manner of course, I’m not suggesting anything deranged here) because wouldn’t a person who keeps all of that anger in eventually burst? Good post BTW!

    • hahaha, I’m glad your walls didn’t have to go to the ER. Getting aggression out is important, as is tempering it when possible. I played a lot of sports when I was younger and as I moved into college it was the first time I didn’t have a real way to get out my physical aggressions. I think certain exercises in general can help with that. We are physical beings and we needs physical routes of expression. Maybe I should consider a punching bag! 🙂

  8. Wandering Voiceless

    She’s human! Thanks for sharing. I literally laughed out loud. :>

  9. Wow Lauren! I’m not sure whether it’s appropriate to laugh? But I can’t help it! *laughing*
    Seriously I’m so not that into sports! Lol….So funny after reading your blog for a few months, no way would I have thought you even capable of hitting that wall!…. I’m still laughing!
    Serious face!…Do you feel better?….Paula x

    • No, no, you can laugh! Writing always helps me feel better. I played a lot of sports when I was younger, and I’m the youngest person in my family, so I was REALLY competitive. I’m not so much anymore, except tonight. 🙂

  10. Well, I had to laugh while reading this post. Not because I’ve punched a wall, or punched anything for that matter. It’s just that (other than the punching thing) felt like I was reading about myself and watching sports. I get so wrapped up in it all that I truly get angry when my team doesn’t win. Talk about being a poor loser. For the longest time, I gave up on watching most sports. But then, after I got a little older and mellower, I found that I could watch football without getting too angry. Unless, of course, its the Super Bowl and the team I want to win is losing. Let’s just hope I never punch any walls. Sounds really painful.

    • Haha, yes I hope you don’t punch one. It’s truly not wise. And definitely doesn’t solve anything or help with the frustration. Just makes it worse. I’m usually a lot better about sports now. But apparently, I really wanted to win tonight.

  11. My dog dug up my dead goat. Punched him in the head out of pure disgust and frustration as this was the 2nd time…., broke my hand. I know I know, shouldn’t punch the dog. I’m a little thing and this was my first punch in 51 years. Shoulda left it alone. :))

    • Oh no!! That does sound terrible. I don’t have a dog. Maybe I shouldn’t get one, because I don’t want dead animals brought to me. My cat leaves me lizards, and did catch a mouse that got in the house once. And a few birds in the yard. Hmmm, I had forgotten about how much of a hunter she is. Well, I’m sorry you broke your hand!! And I hope your dog doesn’t dig up your goat anymore 😦

  12. Wow Lauren… I’m beginning to see a whole other side to you LOL 😛

    I have punched a wall… so badly I have scars… back in August 1994 my house was broken into and I had a lot of things stolen. A few weeks later, my cat was killed on the road… and that just kinda set me off.

    It wasn’t anger, just sheer frustration at life. It was a brick wall and I punched it pretty hard. It hurt at first, but after the first couple of strikes, it didn’t seem to hurt much anymore. There was a fair amount of blood though.

    What’s the quote..? It was in Lawrence Of Arabia, Prometheus and some other movie or TV show I saw recently… “the trick is not minding that it hurts.”

    Yeah… that quote has been at the back of my mind quite a bit over the past eleven months…

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