Day 9 – Holding hands


I think back in May I might have posted an excerpt on being thankful from my book. I can’t remember if it included what I’m going to talk about today, so I’m going to say it again. Partly because I’m lazy and don’t want to look back through all of those, but mostly because it’s something that’s important and that I want to share again if I’ve already done so.  A few years back when I was watching Oprah there was a show on about a woman who had been burned. She had been so severely burned that she couldn’t hold her child. She couldn’t open a jar of peanut butter. She no longer had use of the faculties most of us have on any given day. She wore compression stockings all over her body to keep her blood flowing and keep clots from forming. And when I saw this show I remember thinking how thankful I was to have my health. I had use of all of my muscles. My fingers and toes, my feet and hands, legs and arms. My body functions as it’s supposed to. I can sit and stand without issue. I can run and jump. I can bend over. I can paint my walls. I can clean my floors. I can pick up my child when he cries. I can hold him on my heart whenever he’s scared. I can push him on the swings. I can slide down the slide with him.

Every day I wake up I try to remember to be thankful that I can. I am able. And it is my responsibility to work to ensure that I remain able. And to not take for granted the little things that I do have, that are significant things when removed. Like the ability to hold hands with my son as we go for a walk. To have the stamina to play with him outside, even if it’s not as much as he’d like (I swear I’m going to start using him as a personal trainer for people. He’s quite the motivator for staying moving!). I have hands to wash dishes. I have eyes to see the road. There is a world I get to experience with relative ease because I am healthy. And I am incredibly thankful for that. And I say prayers of healing and hope because there are many of us who do not have the same luxury.

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    “A brave spirit struggling with adversity is a spectacle for the Gods”

    It is not in the glare of glory
    When the crowds are at your feet,
    Or the city’s bells are pealing
    As you mount the victor’s seat.

    All that is but a passing show;
    A fleeting flash of light;
    A rain-drop glistening in the sun,
    A shooting star at night.

    True greatness lies in what’s not seen,
    And all that no-one knows;
    The long, dark years of ceaseless toil,
    The pain that never shows.
    The loneliness and misery,
    The heartaches and the fears,
    The waiting and the trait’rous doubts,
    The constant wearing cares:
    The agony of hoping
    For a dawn that never comes,
    And the mocking face of failure,
    And rejection’s down-turned thumbs.

    There reigns the greatest glory,
    Though roses are not flung:
    In valleys where the sun ne’er shines
    And victories are not sung.

    Our thoughts are with you all.


  2. It’s so true, one day flows into the next and we just take it for granted! Then one day something terrible happens and we realize how lucky we had been. Truth is, we usually don’t care until it’s too late! Great post! ….Paula x


  3. A good way to start the day!


  4. To paraphrase Forrest Gump, “Thankful is, as Thankful does”. I’m thankful to have viewed things through your lens this morning…if only for a few minutes. Permit me to return the favor by sharing another blogger who caused me to have a similar sense of thankfulness as you’ve so elegantly (and simply) described. Am so glad you’re on the Planet. Trust I’ve added my part as you have yours. Dan


  5. Love this post today as yesterday I was bombarded with requisitions for medical tests that is causing me much anxiety. THANKFUL anyhow.
    God bless,


  6. I believe it is the things we most take for granted that we should be most thankful for; it’s the little things that make life full and interesting.


  7. It is so essential that we are constantly aware of how much we have to be thankful for…The thing is that even those with extreme disabilities usually find things to be grateful for as well…Perspective is everything…Thank you for a good reminder…Diane


  8. I have to agree with the above comment. Just been on a shopping trip with my boy (who is nearly two) and holding his hand as we walked through a busy crowd is one of those little things that should be cherished 🙂


  9. 🙂 Something you said struck a chord with me… being able to hold your son’s hand… even though James is six and he’s “a big boy” (his words) he’ll still reach for my hand when we’re out… and I still get a kick out of it LOL Might seem odd for a guy to admit that… and maybe it’s the knowledge that next year I won’t be here to hold his hand… but it still gets me, every time 🙂


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