November 5…the thankful posts

Well, I’m a little behind on here (I thought I had my posts set up for last week, because I knew I’d be away from the computer, but again, technology and I still have difficulties). But, I like the thankful posts for the month of Thanksgiving, so I’m going to do that.

And today, what I’m going to be thankful for is the fact that I live in a country where I have the opportunity to vote. And as much as I get angered over all of the negative ads, and as much social media political overload has happened, I very honestly appreciate that I live somewhere where this can take place. I think having the rights that we have get quickly overlooked. We feel like we aren’t making progress or are progressing in the wrong way, or that others are holding us back, but that’s a much better position to be in than in a position where it doesn’t matter what you think or what the consensus is. There’s no opinion taken into account in many places. Everyone is overlooked in many places. There is certainly no consideration for majority rights, much less minority rights in many countries. We have come a very long way as a country. We have a lot further to go. And though there are important issues that we need to work out, that need to be well researched, that need to have clear understandings and be presented in a way that shows what truly is best for the people as a whole, we, as the people, have the chance to do something important to contribute. We have the chance to live in a country where our vote does count. Where our understandings matter. Our opinions matter. And we get the chance to voice them. And for that I am thankful.


(I wrote the other posts, so I’m going to try to condense them and put them into one since I have them and they just didn’t post. Maybe I’ll do that for tomorrow, since I intend to stay away from social media as much as possible tomorrow, and however long this count lasts, because, although I’m thankful, I’m exhausted of politics on social media!!)

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  1. Well said. I hope everyone votes today who can. We knew we’d be on the road on election day so we did our absentee ballots a few weeks ago. I do miss going to the polls.

  2. Politics is exhausting and filled with trickery!

  3. James is learning about politics and the Presidency right now, so he’ll be going with his Mum when she votes. That way, he can literally see democracy in action. I’m not allowed to vote because I’m not a US citizen (my new hire class at work says I should tell people I can’t vote because I’m a convicted felon, ha ha)

  4. When I see the uprisings and war within so many countries I too am so grateful for the many freedoms that we have and the one important one of voting. The ones we vote for are far from perfect as they seem unable to stick to what they see as problems and what they will do to try and fix them…Instead they battle against each other…I live in Canada and it is the same here when we have elections for our Prime Minister……I wonder what it was like when Abraham Lincoln became president?….Diane

    • I wonder what it was like early on as well sometimes. Not that I would have been allowed to vote then, but even so, I wonder how the elections went, how the people even knew who was a candidate and who to vote for. It’s amazing how times have changed, and how forms of technology that have emerged have tremendously changed the game. There’s so much to everything now, and it can be quite difficult to find what’s real and who’s really in it for the good of the people if anyone, and what research and recommendations can actually be taken as accurate – because in reality here both parties would promote what is true and what would help instead of trying to dispute it if they really had the people’s interest in mind.

  5. Hi Lauren,
    I too am thankful for the privilege and responsibility to vote.
    I never realize the sacrifices so many made that I might have this privilege.

    • It really is easy to forget and to stay removed from. I think it’s even easier for people from my generation forward to not understand, because by the time we were born everyone had the right to vote.

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