A quick trip to the pumpkin patch and other stories…


Well, hellooooo! It’s been a while!  A long while! But I get to write again some now, and that’s exciting. I hope everyone has been well. I’ve missed you guys! School is in full swing, but hopefully I’ll get to write more often now.

Today we stopped by a pumpkin patch. Jack had fun, but all of the pumpkins that weren’t insanely ginormous had already started to go bad, so we ended up not getting one. Well, Jack got a baby one that he was very excited about. It didn’t seem to matter to him, so we are going to paint that and try to find one to carve elsewhere.

Over the past few months as life has been changing in very extreme ways both very positive and very negative, it’s been a frustrating and exciting quest towards the future. The thing that I realized the most was that life really is hard. When you don’t know how to make a way for your family to survive, it’s hard. When you can’t see past your bills, it’s hard. When you can’t find things that make you happy, it’s hard. When you look around and it seems everyone has someone but you, it’s hard. Life is hard. The things that we are trying to accomplish in our lives, even the simple things can be hard. And when I was watching one of my favorite movies, “A League of Their Own,” I heard one of my favorite lines, and it goes like this: “It’s supposed to be hard. If it wasn’t hard, everyone would do it. The hard… is what makes it great.” It’s hard. Life is, but it’s also great. Every day we have new chances, new opportunities. We have the chance to do something that makes us feel a little more like the person we want to be. And sometimes that involves just getting through the day. But we can work to make sure that we build something into our time, into our days to be able to say to ourselves each night, I am a little closer than I was when I woke up. And as time goes forward, we will have become the person we want to become, and we will be doing the things we want to be doing, because we took the time when it was hard to make sure that the hard was worthwhile.

(As a little side-note, I LOVE this movie. LOVE it. It’s one of the first movies that ever made me cry. That’s weird, I know. And I cried because at 10 I realized that my time playing softball was limited. I would graduate high school and I wouldn’t get to play anymore. And I really loved softball, and sports in general. One of the things I miss most about being young is that comradery that accompanies a group of people with the main goal of working together, getting better and building each other up in order to achieve something great. We wanted to win and we were willing to fight, even when it was hard. In fact, we cheered each other on to work even harder when it was hard, because we wanted to win. We wanted to succeed. And I think if we continued that type of thinking and working together into adulthood the world would be a much better place. And hopefully, even though it’s been a while, hopefully when you come to this site, it’s a place where we build each other up, and inspire one another on our journeys, especially when it’s hard.)

(And as a final side-note for the night, my goal is to get up early with Jack tomorrow and exercise, because I am still using him as an excuse not to, so instead since he’s interested in running and yoga, I’m going to try to do those with him. Because, in all seriousness, I should not be this out of shape.  So, I’m going to start the week off on the right foot, by exercising, cooking something healthy, and writing! I’m in a better mood just having written this! Happy start to the week everyone!!! )

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  1. Usually I’m very good at being single as raising my ten-year-old son takes priority, but lately I’ve looked around and noticed that EVERYONE seems to be coupled up. I’ve started to actually wonder whether there’s something wrong with me, or if everyone just has an aversion to being alone and is willing to settle. Welcome back.

    • Well, I may be biased because I’m alone, but I tend to think a lot of the time it’s the latter of those two. It’s hard to be alone. Although, there is something to be said for being willing to being open. I’m not really sure how open I am at the moment, but that’s okay. 🙂 and Thanks!

  2. haha.. i just went last weekend =P

  3. Welcome back! It’s good to see you again… I know things have been tough but hopefully life will begin to get better for you soon. If there’s anything I can do, please let me know 🙂

    On a brighter note, I love Jack’s happy face in this photo! He looks super excited to hold that pumpkin in his hand!

    • Thanks… And yes, he was very excited about that little pumpkin. He didn’t seem to care whether or not we got one to carve, because he really wanted to paint a small one like his grandma did. She had painted some pink for breast cancer at her work, and he’s been all about that ever since.

  4. Boy, am I glad to see you’re back!! Missed you enough to check everytime I went to blog. Sorry it has been a rough time but you strike me as someone who will survive. I won’t quote this correctly but ” our troubles should be considered challenges that make us stronger and give us wisdom to help others through similar situations.” And you are a light for others to follow your lead. Welcome back and I’m praying for your comfort and fellowship.

    • Thank you so much! You made me smile! So nice. And I think you are right, it does make us stronger and give us wisdom. I think one of the nice things about the things that have been going on lately is that instead of putting me into a place of mostly feeling upset, I feel certain that I will find a way to make the best of whatever happens and keep moving forward, and that is not how things would have gone through my head just a few short years ago. I really appreciate your prayers!

  5. Hmmm… Life is hard. Sitting with that premise I realize that Life is Life. It’s how the mind, or ego interprets circumstances that creates “hard” and “unfair” or “great” and “lucky.” Usually it’s the unconscious beliefs we inherit from parents, teachers, etc that determine our interpretations. Bringing these beliefs into awareness allows us to base our responses and emotions in situations from a more conscious place, rather than a reactionary place. May I suggest the author Charlotte Kasl’s books: If the Buddha Got Stuck, If the Buddha Married and If the Budhha Had Kids. Very approachable books guiding us towards mindfulness in difficult situations.

    • Thank you, I appreciate those suggestions! I will check them out. Point of view and mindset absolutely matter, and learning to work within the right ones makes a huge difference in how things turn out overall.

  6. As always, Lauren, you are precious!

  7. Welcome back! You definitely have two things to tick of your list for the day: 1) Positive, can-do attitude and 2) You restarted your blog! Great start. Keep it up. Life is hard, but God is good.

  8. So good to see you again. Thanks for sharing. Your thoughts were well said and I enjoyed the read.

  9. Hey Lauren so awesome to see you writing again I was just thinking about you’re writing the other day, I even lent your book out to a friend. Things had kind of hit a down for me put I was slowly picking it back up. I think this post helped me taker another big step forward thanks (^_^).

    • Thanks! I hope things continue to look up and pick back up. I’m also looking forward to your posts when you get to Haiti! I really believe it’s going to be such an amazing experience for you and everyone there as well!! 🙂 (and thanks for sharing the book, I am so appreciative!)

  10. I have missed your posts. Thanks for this on this Monday morning.
    Continued blessings,

  11. Welcome back! Another great blog entry. I like the idea of letting Jack help you with your exercise. That should make it more fun. Keep pushing forward, Lauren.

  12. Sending love your way Laura…glad to see you here

  13. I was wondering just yesterday about you….and thinking I would write you a note to see if everything was okay..you and one other blogger that I haven’t seen blogging lately…So things have it seems been ‘hard’ for you but you’ve managed to come through..or at least coming through it..I hope things improve for you. Take care…Diane

    • Thank you very much! I appreciate that. I have been thinking about you and praying for you. I literally could not log onto the site, so I’m really excited to have the chance to be back again and see everyone 🙂

  14. Phyllis Lipford

    Missed your blogs. Thanks for this on this Monday morning!

  15. Something about this time of year makes us crash hard and then rise up again. Sending you much positive energy.

  16. Wow your back!!!
    Nice to hear from you!…I thought you had gone for good?..I’m fortunate to not have the worry of money but I’ve seen many sad stories over a lack of funds and it always makes me sad.Hopefully things are starting to get in order for you:)
    Exercising is a good thing!…I need to get my butt exercising as well! *laughing*
    Welcome back!!!

    • Haha, exercising is a good thing. I just wish I liked it more than I do these days! It was a lot easier when I was younger, because I played sports and they made me. It’s harder without a coach!

  17. Hey, welcome back! So good to read your warm words of wisdom again. I read it’s been a hard and intense time and I celebrate your ability to see the potential in the ‘hard’ – that stretches us, grows us and helps us find our strength and sense of achievement. Happy exercising, happy cooking, happy writing and have a magic miraculous week:-)

  18. Lauren it is great to hear from you again. I know how hard life is, financially too I am also struggling to keep us above water. Still I see at the end you are going to try and have a great week, Go for it and have deep breath and go for exercise and cooking, maybe pumpkin soup (mine turned out lovley) for this time of year. Get active you will feel good and alive. Wishing you a great start and continuation for hte week ahead. 🙂

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