As the sun sets



The other night I was driving home with Jack and the sun was starting to set. Jack was getting upset because he didn’t want it to be night time, that meant it would be time for bed soon, and he wanted to go visit his cousins instead of sleeping. We were set to go to his cousins house the next day, so I told him he had to let the sun set otherwise he wouldn’t get to see him. He got mad and wanted it to be time to visit right then, but I said if we visited at this time then he wouldn’t get to see them for very long, because everyone had to go to sleep soon.

We hold onto things and ideas we want very tightly. We know what we want to do, and we want it to happen now. We can see the good things, we just aren’t there yet. And going through and waiting is always hard. And when what we have to wait through is the darkness, which can be unpredictable it’s even harder.

 Sometimes it feels like the thing we want to happen. The thing is we have to allow that to be an option. We have to let go of the day, we have to let the sun set, and make it through the night if we ever want to see a new day. If we never move into the night, if we settle for less than the best, then we make it harder on ourselves. If we hold on and force things to fit inside a mold that they don’t really belong in, the mold will eventually break or the things inside of it will. We have to fight for things, and we have to know what we want, but we have to let things be as well. The sun sets for a reason. Nothing would survive without the night. We couldn’t strengthen our roots, we would turn brittle and break if we didn’t have the nights to cool the skies. And even though the dark can be scary, it also has a beauty that’s nearly unsurpassed. We can see more of the universe in the dark than we can in the day. We can use that time to hone our dreams, to find our path. But only if we let the sun set on today.

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  1. Thank you for this Awesome post.

  2. good imagination, Laurenc…..

  3. Very inspiring, great!

  4. Very wise. We spend our lives learning when to persist, when to accept.

  5. Excellent post! (I read it twice).

  6. Lauren- I nominated you for the beautiful blogger award. I’m sure you’ve received it many times over, but you had to be one of my nominees. Your words always speak to me.

  7. voluntaryfiber

    Your analogy about what would happen without the night to rejuvenate us is brilliant and so true! Great message – thank you!

  8. Beautiful photo and wise post! Thanks for stopping by my blog.

  9. Joy Waters Martin

    Love this line …”And even though the dark can be scary, it also has a beauty that’s nearly unsurpassed. We can see more of the universe in the dark than we can in the day.” and this one …”The thing is we have to allow that to be an option. We have to let go of the day, we have to let the sun set, and make it through the night if we ever want to see a new day.”

    Great post !! I need this reminder on a regular basis but I love the way you helped us visualize the process ! Thank you !

  10. Wonderful post, thank you, I needed that.

  11. The Smile Scavenger

    A beautiful meditation on a life lesson as demonstrated through the eyes of a child. I love your way of reflecting on your daily experiences. 🙂

  12. Beautiful, insightful post. Indeed, “to every thing there is a season….”

  13. Outstanding and timely.

  14. Oh yes, letting go and going with the flow often allows us to make things better, allows us to get the best eventually. Without the dark there is no light, even if it is sometimes hard to admit.

  15. Well said! I agree that we must know and fight for what we want, but we cannot force the pace – we are not masters of time.
    Equally, we have to allow things to conclude. If today doesn’t die, then tomorrow cannot be born.

  16. I used to tell my kids sleep was like re-charging batteries – it gave them the energy for the next day…sometimes it worked too. LOL

  17. Oh…. you’ve hit the nail on the head again… and made me think of two things I often remind myself of in my situation…

    …the darkest hour comes before the dawn… and…

    ..without darkness there would be no starlight….

  18. Change My Body...Change My Life

    I love what you wrote about the mould breaking…a metaphor for ourselves breaking when we hold onto what we think we should be instead if who we are.

  19. You’re right about letting go sometimes being the best thing to do…to move on to the next phase of life…Diane

  20. What a gorgeous sunset! And a beautiful post – you expressed your thoughts so well – great!!

  21. I apologize for the grammatical errors, I hate those, on a plane and lost me glasses, so guessing at the keyboard

  22. Lauren,wonderful picture. You have tried captured the essence of dealing explaining reality and time to someone that only knows now. It comes with mixed feelings. The need to teach Jack the realities of the real world, and the desire the encourage his wide eyed optimism.

    I miss those moments with my daughter, she is now beyond my influence. But she is also doing well.

    I have no doubt you will give Jack the base be needs, close you eyes when he jumps, and smile when he returns and says “Thanks, Mom”

    There is no higher compliment

  23. Nice post Lauren. I understand what you were explaining her but I think I picked something up that is a little off topic. One thing I got from this is that we always want the biggest and the best; but if we stop to take the time to do all the little things they add up and are worth it. Patients is key when you’re doing both big and small things but the little ones add up and make the biggest achievements.

    Hope Jack wasn’t too upset with you.

  24. i love your parallels and this sure spoke to me in an area where i’m struggling, thank you!

  25. I heard today that the “miracle happens in the breaking” (like the breaking of bread in Christian belief). Your discussion of night reminds me of this. Darkness must be part of the picture. Nicely done.

  26. Moriah LaChapell Schalock

    I love this. Thanks for sharing. Everything I tell my 2 year old daughter is based on the sun either going up or setting. We teach anticipation of events based on the diurnality.

  27. This is an amazing picture. We need to let go of so many things, but we must hold onto Divinity. The love of the world and of the Divine is what makes this world beautiful.

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