One day (an homage to the Olympics and the Olympic spirit)


I love the Olympics. In general, I enjoy sports, and I appreciate the competitive nature, even if it’s simply competing with yourself to become better. But the Olympics are different. Everyone who walked into that stadium tonight is an Olympian. For the rest of their lives, no matter what, they were Olympians at the 2012 Olympics in London. It’s truly an amazing accomplishment.

The Olympics provide a very unique opportunity for everyone who competes. At that moment when the games open every single Olympian in that stadium has a chance. They have the chance to be considered the greatest competitor in their sport at this moment in time. Every single person there has hope, even if the odds are against them. Underdogs will win gold medals. Upsets will take place. Someone who was never supposed to win will, in fact, stand atop a podium with their anthem playing at some point in time in the next few weeks. And it’s all because they took a chance, and they kept on working.

One day someone decided they liked soccer. One day someone decided they were going to try to run as fast as they could. One day someone decided they could probably balance on a 4” beam. And then they made that choice again, and again, and again, until they came to the point where they were in a class of their own. They stood at the top of their game. They put forth the work, years of work in most cases, to see their dream through. They had successes and failures. They had promotions and setbacks. They had points where they felt like giving up. Points where life was overwhelming. But each day, they made the choice to carry on. They made the choice to try again. And to try again after that. And with every choice and every effort, they made their dream a reality.

Nothing great comes easily. You don’t get to a point where you produce your best work until you put in the effort to learn, to grow, to push yourself through, to fail, to rise, to persevere.  One day we choose to try. It is our starting block. But we must follow that start with a strong step forward. And we must repeat those steps again and again and again if we want to cross the finish line in front. We cannot get to the top of the mountain unless we are willing to climb. And unless one day we choose to try, we will remain stranded with the crowd, never even making it to the starting line. So what better time to choose to try, even if it’s just a crazy dream? The greatest competitors in every field started off the same way.


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  1. A good read. Well chasing after an impossible dream is the greatest ambition after all.


  2. My favorite comment of this post is “Nothing great comes easily.” So true and perhaps if one can focus on that, it will drive us to achieve each of our “greatness”.


  3. It’s sad how a lot of people just conform, you had a topic on this type of thing with staying in your comfort zone. It’s about trying something new and pushing yourself. I definitely don’t look down on these people because they do some of the tedious work that other people won’t do that become these stars whether it’s an athlete or an author.


    • Yes, I think a lot of the time it can get confusing, because in some respects we have to conform to survive. We have to be able to live within the means of our little world, and I think the issue becomes that we have to remind ourselves we can’t conform on everything if we want to be happy. We have to be able to take those chances that will help us grown and extend us beyond where we might go if we just keep walking safely between the lines.


  4. While not an Olympics fan (sorry) I dolove your take on it , and agree with Joy, especially that end paragraph


    • 🙂 Ha! They aren’t for everyone. I used to be much more obsessed, because I’m naturally competitive and love sports, but I have found that in order to maintain my sanity, I have had to detach some from my sports teams…they have a tendency to leave me heartbroken (and angry!)


  5. Joy Waters Martin

    Love this line …”And unless one day we choose to try, we will remain stranded with the crowd, never even making it to the starting line.” I’m 50 and starting out on some new adventures … life’s too short and I don’t want to get “stranded with the crowd”! 🙂 Thanks !


  6. Watched part of the opening ceremony here. Mixed feelings about the whole commercialism thing in sport nowadays but you can’t take it away from them, I’m just hoping for some unexpected surprises from some of the smaller nations take home gold, even though I’m not really into sport! Great article, Lauren.


    • Ha, commercialism has seeped it’s way into pretty much everything. I try to ignore it. When I was younger I attended the state games here a few times, which they used to call the junior olympics, and I just really started to enjoy the ceremony and everyone being gathered together and the entertainment and hope that existed there. We won gold medals once, came in like 6th once, and came in second once. But the experience, in general, was so positive. I always like the underdog. I can’t help it! 🙂


  7. The work that each of these men/women put into becoming one of the best…is amazing and they all should be applauded for their efforts.In our own lives that’s what we need to do to become the best that we can be…just keep working and striving……..Diane


  8. We each have unique talents, and if we don’t try different things we may never know what those talents are. Great post!


  9. Great inspiring piece, and I love the use of the Olympics for dreaming and pursuing our dreams.


  10. Beautiful written – loving sports & the Olympics I find it difficult to not tune in but this year is marred by the fact of there being no moment of silence for those Israeli athletes massacred in 1972 at the Munich games. Hope you read my blog post on this issue …I enjoy reading your entries. Shalom!


  11. Love your ideas & comments on the 2012 London Olympics. Loving sports & Olympics I find it hard not to be tuned in but this year it is with sadness on account of there being no moment of silence for the Israeli athletes massacred in 1972 at the Munich games. Hope you will read my blog post concerning this issue


  12. I was watching the opening ceremony on TV… it made me a little homesick, especially with all the references to British culture. I had to go find a webcam in Parliament Square, take a screenshot and blog about it LOL


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