This little light of mine… (that’s what’s stuck in my head!)


My break ended up and will continue to be a little longer than I  had anticipated. This week I’ll be spending the majority of my time at my grandmother’s visiting with her as the one who usually takes care of her won’t be doing so this week. So I’ll again only have access to dial-up internet and my phone. Neither are conducive to blogging.  But I will try to keep up this week as much as possible… I’m terribly behind on reading everyone’s posts which makes me a little crazy, because I really enjoy them and I like to be sure everyone knows I didn’t forget them! So I apologize!

But I wanted to say since we are starting off a new week, just like any other, let it be great. We have the chance to do what we can do to spend time with those we need to spend time with. To pay special attention to the things we’ve continually put off into the next day and the next week. To not only be there but to truly be present in the situations we are engaged in, because it’s so easy to just be there, but not really be there. I get that way a lot, and I’m trying to remind myself to pay attention. To truly engage and enjoy. We have the chance to help someone, to share with someone, and to make someone smile. So let’s make it a point to make the world shine a little brighter this week for those around us, and to shine brighter ourselves, simply because we know the light lives inside of us. We can be the torch that lights the flame here. And that is what will help make our dreams come true, too. Maybe we aren’t Olympians (which I very honestly have always wished I could be one), but we can inspire and encourage just the same. We have greatness within us. So let it shine 🙂 

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  1. Great post, and great picture!! Love the title…but now I have that song in my head!!! 🙂
    Blessings —


  2. We know you won’t forget us! So stop worrying you’re given this break for a reason, remember how we talked about stopping to relax even though it feels uncomfortable, Take advantage of it! The other day my best friend needed some company because she was with other friends she just didn’t “mesh” with that night anyway. I drove almost an hour to go help her out and we just sat on the beach and did nothing. I could have driven us somewhere but we walked to the tiny beach and just star gazed and talked about nonsense. I’m sure you know this better than most people but don’t fight the situation if it’s a chance to relax take advantage of it!
    As usual don’t forget to smile!


    • Thank you very much! And it’s nice that you are such a good friend. I enjoy those nights with my friends where we just go and sit at the beach or wherever. It’s good to know that there are places and people around you where you can just be comfortable doing nothing and being still.


  3. Well, I certainly can’t argue with the song choice. 😉

    Wonderful post, Lauren. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    ~ Cara


  4. Such a great post. And I came across it right when I’ve been projecting myself into future scenarios (that may not even happen!) rather than living in the present. So thanks for that!


  5. What a lovely post! Thank you, you’ve just made my day 🙂


  6. Have a great week with your Grandmother! I hope the time is a gift to both of you!


    • Thank you! It really was a nice time. And very relaxing. I felt more engaged in my interactions than I normally do, which is a plus. And I feel rejuvenated here, too now!


  7. Yeah, I’m behind too… I just can’t shake working all kinds of funky hours… two days last week I worked all through the night – literally – then I was working half afternoon / half evening… this week it’s 8am to 5pm… it’s a wonder I can remember my name…

    Enjoy your break… it’s well deserved! Clear skies!


  8. Thanks for this post. Great things to always remember. Now go spend some precious time with your grandmother. We’ll be here waiting when you return.


  9. Have a wonderful time with your grandmother…The ‘reading’ and ‘blogging’ is always waiting…Diane


  10. What a great line to have stuck in your head! Apology accepted! But don’t feel bad. I think many of us are behind in reading other’s blogs. Life, work and other things often take us away from doing the things we love most. As always, great post. Keep your light shining!


  11. Thank you! I really needed this good start to the week… Honestly, I just got home from work and I am DEAD TIRED. I have so much to do today that I can’t seem to shove a spot in for a nap…

    It may be a hectic start to the week, but I think of it as getting everything done today so I can relax and have nothing else to worry about for the rest of the week.

    I hope your week will be as relaxing as mine will be. 🙂


  12. Lauren,

    I particularly enjoy the concept of being “fully present”. I learn that one along the way and it cannot be overrated. Being alive in the moment changes the dynamics of everyday and the quality of every experience. To be focused on where you are or who you are with is a gift for yourself and those you spend time with. One of the greatest words of wisdom to be shared!


  13. Very rightly said. Thanks for today’s inspiration. Have a great week ahead. 🙂


  14. captainpractical

    Hey Lauren,

    Great post as usual. I have been focussing on being present in the moment , learning the power of being humble and encouraging another to smile invariably makes you smile too… Oh and I used to sing that song learning guitar …let it shine,let it shine,let it shine. 🙂


    • Oh really?? I want Jack to learn the guitar. Maybe he can learn that song! I’m glad you are focusing on those things! I am trying to as well! And Thank you again for all of your support and stopping by! I’ll be catching up soon! I’m behind on here! 🙂


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