Your lucky day! (Stars shine brightest in the dark)



Today is 7-11. Luck is all around, follow the arrows and you’ll see. What I thought about this morning was that every day has the possibility to be our lucky day. There is something good that is happening around us or even within us, that we have the chance to tap into.

Whether it exists in our head, if we are finding a way out, if we are starting a new journey, if we are staying the course, there is a glimmer of light that shines that shows us the good things are there. We are on our way to somewhere better than before. Each day as we grow and improve ourselves life has a chance to become a little bit better, a little bit more than it was yesterday. Whether we are there yet or not, whether everything around us is dark and we can only see the faintness of the light (the stars shine brightest in the dark, you know), or if we are so close we can taste it, there is somewhere great for each of us to go. There is something we can all share when we are here to enhance the lives of those around us. Be the light that shines in the dark.

Create your own luck, put in the work, and let the rest flow. Let today be your lucky day. And work to help make it the same for another. There is strength in numbers. Energy aligns. Let it be positive, and let your luck shine!


(sorry the post is so short, I’m having a meeting about this book today!)


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  1. Once again I’ve fallen behind on your blog 😦 silly vacation… Anyway I was going to say as you did create your own luck, it doesn’t have to be big; luck could be as little as finding a penny on the ground a stranger holding a door for you. Whether you’re atheist and believe in luck or religious and don’t think it exist perspective make a whole difference; believing there is a God you can look at his/ her “Mini miracle” as luck.

  2. Everyday is a new lucky day. We simply just don’t have to spoil it. Beautiful post!

  3. Maybe I should have applied for that Leave Of Absence today LOL Your words rang true with me again today, as I find my mind pre-occupied with my planned journey of self-discovery across the US next year…

    I hope the meeting went well. Let us know who’s going to play you in the movie of your life 😀

    • Haha! You should have! Probably should have played the lottery, too. I guessed the powerball number 3 times in a row, bought a ticket yesterday and didn’t get a single number right. I suppose I can only help others win. Maybe I can get someone to split it with me… once I figure out how to guess the other 5 numbers! 🙂

      The meeting was fine. Trying to figure out what to do and if they can really help me. I pick the girl from the Hunger Games movie.. I’m sure she’ll be excited! Ha!

      • Well, she’s from Louisville so if I see her on 4th Street I’ll be sure to mention it.

        RE the lottery… back home in England, I actually wrote a program that could easily predict 2 numbers every week… unfortunately, you needed 3 to win ten pounds. Which meant you had to spend about fifty to win ten. Hmmmm…

        I’m thinking that whoever devised that lottery put a lot of thought into it LOL

      • 🙂 I think they did…which is really frustrating for the rest of us!

  4. Well said thank you…..I needed a little push to dust off the cob webs at least…LOL have a wonderful blessed day.

  5. Well said. When we stumble, get up, dust off, learn, and strive for better.

    As an aside, my dad would have been 86 today.

  6. Change My Body...Change My Life

    I needed this today. Thanks.

  7. Wow, I didn’t even realize that, and I’m usually very good with numbers. And today was VERY VERY lucky for me, on many levels! Good luck with your meeting, can’t wait to hear about it 🙂

  8. Well put as usual. Thanks for inspiring.

  9. i have always loved small posts. they deliver sufficient message and leave the rest for you to think. This ones is just like that.
    And of course i will try to be the light that shines in the dark.
    thanx. 🙂

  10. As I said before, you are ridiculous! I mean that in the best possible way, your posts just have a way of making think clearly and you always lift my spirits!

    Oh, and thanks for making it short for those of us with limited attention spans…:)

  11. Hope the meeting goes well 🙂

  12. Nicely put. Well done. Good luck with the meeting!

  13. no worries about it being short it packed a great punch!

  14. Ah, so it IS your lucky day! 🙂

  15. Thanks for the encouragement!

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