Finding focus in the silence – seeing your ideas become reality

Most of the time when we have an idea or a goal, at the beginning there is this wave of excitement and focus. We are able to make the ideas flow, we are able to put a pen to paper, and we’re off. We start on our way. Then all of a sudden it stops. The wave has landed ashore, and we’re stuck out of water. This is one of the most pivotal times when it comes to accomplishing what we’ve set out to accomplish.

It seems like when we look at others, they are on their way and their journey has been nothing but smooth sailing. In reality, it’s extremely unlikely that a tremendous amount of time, frustration and unreturned effort wasn’t put in. We don’t get to most places worth going in life simply by showing up. We have to work to get to where we want to go. If you have something to say, and something worth saying, finding an audience is the most important and most difficult thing you can do. Unfortunately, in life we can only control ourselves. We have no power over others unless they consent. Unless they are willing to show up and say, “Hey, tell me more.” And people aren’t willing to do that until you’ve put in the effort.

Maintaining focus when things are starting to fall, when you realize that the road in front of you is full of hill after hill, mountain after mountain that you have to climb over – when you realize that you are fighting uphill, and there will be times when you feel like you are only losing ground – maintaining focus here is what separates those who achieve their goals from those who let them go. It separates those who become from those who settle. It’s hard. It’s long. It doesn’t go the way we expect it to go or feel that it should go. But it IS the road to success, as long as we choose to stay focused. To find ways when there seem to be none, and to keep working when it feels like nothing is happening. Finding focus when we are hearing nothing at all, when there is only silence is the key to seeing your ideas become a reality.

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  1. Hey, tell me more!
    In retrospect, you might find that it isn’t hard work, but rather doing what makes your heart sing that brings you forward to the light you seek. ❤

  2. So I sit under a tree and hear all the birds singing, chirping but I pick one of them, just one and become familiar with that single voice (bird’s voice) and I follow the song, unique among the others and listen to that individual sound… then I see myself in the here and now for whatever eternity I sat under that tree. For me, that is focus,today, a moment, this moment. 🙂

  3. This couldn’t be better said. Nothing can be accomplished without that first, all important step – showing up – but as you write, or proceed with whatever the project, without focus, we’ll still be at the starting gate, standing still. Timely post for all writers, for sure!

  4. You know the terrain! Glad I’m not alone. Here’s a quote by Vivekananda that I keep close by:

    “All of a sudden, the progress will stop one day, and you will find yourself, as it were, stranded. Persevere. All progress proceeds by such rise and fall.”

  5. Love your post. It’s so true, right now I’m running into obstacles and confusion, and I feel like I wanted to give up at some point, but you’re right, I’d need to stay focus in order to succeed. Thanks for the reminder 🙂

  6. That may be so, Lauren, especially when you KNOW the project must get done. Have you done fundraising yourself?? We’ve had support from friends, but need to find a broader audience. Not sure how to do that! Thanks for your interest. Here’s the link to the project:
    Would love to get your feedback, if you can find the time.

  7. Lauren, I just happened on your article, and it was the right thing at the right moment. I am currently running a FundRazr campaign to produce a documentary film that I am really passionate about. But things are going so slowly!, it’s hard to keep up our morale. Your words were very encouraging!

  8. Absolutely, Focus is the answer. It results in consistency. Its just that, we have to focus, and consistent on the right direction and place to achieve the result we desire. 😉 else, it wud be like – we are so sharply focused and consistent to learn swimming – but we are practicing it on the ground , instead of water. Its as important as anything else to put our effort and energy in the right direction and place. 😉

  9. Nice post , i enjoyed reading it 🙂

  10. Very enjoyable post. You make some very excellent points. Keeping one’s focus is one of life’s biggest challenges, especially as you get older. At least for me right now! lol
    btw, thank you for clicking the like button on my post today because I have now discovered a pretty cool blog:)

  11. This is exactly what happens with me… I’ll get the beginning, the ending, and a couple of in-between scenes I can’t wait to write… And then BLANK 🙂

  12. .99 eh, yeah i’m buying!

  13. focus: f-o-c-u-s, five letters i have learned – the hard way – to appreciate! thanks for the reminder!

  14. voluntaryfiber

    Thank you for the mountain/hill analogies – it reminds me that when I used to hike, I looked at the new challenge around every corner as an adventure; never a bad thing. I’m going to try to hold that thought more often. BTW, I don’t have an e-reader. Can I download from Amazon in PDF or Word to my computer? What’s the title and author listing?

  15. Look forward to purchasing your book. P.S> I think you are worth more than .99 :o)

  16. Very true words… I’m so trying to stay focused on getting through the next year and the goal of regaining my life – while still making the most of my time with my son.

    And I love your little post-script about your book LOL I love it because of the way you wrote it, which is kinda in the style of the book itself LOL

  17. Your words help me stay focused, thankyou. ♡

  18. Very well written! and very applicable to the blogging world, too. 🙂

  19. “Finding focus when we are hearing nothing at all, when there is only silence is the key to seeing your ideas become a reality” excerpt from your blog. This sentence was a reminder to me about how important to do just this. Set things in motion. Focus your attention on your intention then let it go out into the Universe. I enjoyed this blog and could feel your heart space…….JW

  20. I can’t figure out if this was about me and the unfinished posts in my draft box or my students trying to factor polynomials.

  21. Very good post….not giving up in life in any given goal or situation is the key to success and hopefully ending up where you want to be …Diane

  22. Loved the article! I think it was Robert Frost who wrote,”…two paths diverged in a wood…. I took the road less traveled and it has made all the difference.” I know I’ve gotten that quote slightly garbled but thanks for sharing your inspiration.

  23. A post that speaks the truth! Thank you for the inspiration and the motivation to keep moving forward.

  24. I love this blog! You are speaking my language! I am about to hit one of the most important moments of my life and career. I’ve been working on getting my story to film for three years now. Finally in a couple of days we go live fundraising and what you say about going through the work and the pain and frustration to get where your going is exactly what I’ve done. It has not been easy and I want to use this example for all abused children and adults. Your article when put into motion is the best feeling ever….when you start to see the rewards of it!

  25. Agreed…you need to have focus, but you also need faith….confidence in what you are doing is right.

  26. PhillipDeems

    It’s consistently practicing the fundamentals that gets you to the next level. Slow and Steady Growth vs. Rapid Volitile Growth. I’ll take the steady, focused approach any day. Well put.

  27. So true, it’s the road less traveled and come with a lot of hard fought battles, we are on it!

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