Keeping your head up while riding the waves


Tonight while I was washing Jack’s hair, he kept putting his head down and the shampoo would get in his eyes. We have this issue reemerge every so often. I continuously tell him that if he would just keep his head up, he wouldn’t have that problem, nothing would get in his eyes, and the shampoo wouldn’t hurt him. And tonight when I told him that, it hit me just how much that idea really applies to our lives in general.

It’s easy to just put our heads down when we feel like something is coming at us or we are worried we are going to get hurt or times are hard. We can sense the danger, so we try to close our eyes and hide our heads away, but in reality this only causes more problems. Instead of escaping the issue, we’ve actually made it worse.

When we put our head down the water rushes over us. It gets in our eyes. We can’t see. It becomes confusing. Sometimes we even start to breathe the water in as we start to panic. The situation worsens. We start to choke. It’s hard to breathe, we can’t find the air. When if only we would life our heads up, we wouldn’t have the problem anymore.

We have to keep our heads high when that barrage of negativity comes at us. We have to choose to look up, even if it’s scary, even if we want to run. When we know that there is the potential to get hurt. We have to take on the world face to face, head held high if we are going to survive the wave, or even have the chance to ride the wave. We can’t see anything if our eyes aren’t open, if our heads are down. Look at the world, look at the wave, and choose to take it on. Even if it knocks you down, when your head is above water you know where you’re at and how to get back up. You’re still in control. You’re still in the fight.


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  1. Lauren,

    Thank you for liking my post and site. I love yours! I’ll send you a friend request on Facebook.

  2. A lot of people find realizations in everyday life, but I’ve found like myself you dig deeper you find a thread and follow it, you’re curious and find a meaning behind it. Whether you believe you have stumbled across theses “eye openers” because something/someone led you there or just that you were lucky it happened and you thought it up, I find it refreshing. We can really change our lives for the better and even other’s lives. The idea of keeping your eyes open during the tough times and the scary times is something I am constantly working on and slowly getting better at. Once I actually started “facing the danger” not putting my head down, once it’s over whether a positive out come or negative I found I was proud of myself you get stronger and maybe next time you will be able to conquer something stronger.

    -Don’t forget to smile!

  3. Nice post! I also like the photo! Cheers!

  4. What a wonderful post! I often refer to the metaphor of turning toward the wave when big emotions come… this was an excellent extension of that. Namaste, friend.

  5. lifeonespoonfulatatime

    Great post Lauren!

  6. I love those moments where something simple in your everyday life leads you to a philosophical break through. I tend to do that a lot at least… Great insight though 🙂
    And I just thought that I’d let you know, I nominated you for the one lovely blog award,
    You can check it out at

  7. kittykatmandoo

    This rings very true to me in my current situation, about to make a major decision and predicting the negative responses from others. Avoidance is not the answer…unless it has to do with swimming with sharks. Head up, elbows out and smile.

  8. this post hits home. its so true, but so hard to keep these ideas on the forefront everyday.. great post!

  9. went over my new blog and saw you commenting and liking my latest article published. Thank you very much laurenc129. I also read your latest blog post and touch my totality being a person. It reminds me of humility. Hope to see you soon dropping by in my blog and have a good and blessed day.


  10. went over my new blog and saw you commenting and liking what I wrote about stress and anxiety. Thank you and hope to see again dropping in reading my articles. I have also read your recent post and kindda touch me. It is really good sometimes to hold our head up high and often times hold it down. Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

    teebob off

  11. Lauren, I just couldn’t wait to read your blog today 🙂 Glad I could be participating in my life and come along for the ride. Great post !!

  12. that is just so deep. i can’t believe this. good job! 🙂

  13. Well said. I experienced the drowning sensation several times. And I lived it through.

  14. There is so much wonderful insight in this post!…isn’t it remarkable how we can learn so much from observations of simple daily “events” !

  15. Thank you Lauren for these inspiring words! Much appreciated!

  16. So true… Thank you for sharing this compelling post and application to your beautiful son.

  17. Facing our issues and problems is the only way we ever get out of them..Pretending that they don’t exist or will go away if we just ignore them is folly….Diane

  18. You have such a wonderful talent for relating everyday events to the bigger picture. What you say is so important for those who suffer from OCD. Don’t avoid. Face your fears. When you keep your head up you are in control. Thanks for a great post!

  19. QueenofLaughter

    I love moments like that, when I have a revelation based on a daily routine. It’s almost like patterns have been interwoven in the fabric of life and all we have to do is look deeper to find the answers we’re looking for.

  20. love how you use an issue in your everyday life and link it to bigger things

  21. I love this post – it’s so true

  22. alternativehealingalliance

    What a great insight! So simple but our natural reflex – like your son’s – is to duck when adversity comes at us. Great post.

  23. captainpractical

    Yes keeping your head up is very empowering like sitting up straight in a chair it helps create a positive outlook. Good post.

  24. I needed this one today! Thank you :-).

  25. Thank you – always need a reminder/primer on keeping my head above the negative evil doers barrage of hate!!!

  26. Hey Lauren – clear out your internet cache, history and cookies and try again… it’s not a magic fix for all surfing issues, but it might just work…

    if you need help, email me 🙂

  27. My daughter won’t keep her head back when we wash the shampoo out of her hair. She’s 1 so I can’t really explain it to her.
    I’ve had to hold my head up a few times the past few weeks. Despite an “undertow.” Good post.

  28. Good word Lauren. Reminds me of Joshua, surely he must have kept his head up and eyes open. What an exhortation he received – “Be strong and courageous! Do not tremble or be dismayed, for the Lord your God is with you wherever you go.” Jos 1:9

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