*Just*ification – Don’t let your time settle


When I was considering what I wanted to do for my career I used to use the word “just” a lot. If I could just make enough money then the job doesn’t matter. If I could just work in this city, then I wouldn’t care what I was doing. If I could just have my dream job fall in my lap that would be fantastic! : ) If I could just do something I’m halfway interested in, then I’d be fine.

Unfortunately, I was never fine doing any of the things that I just wanted to do. Now there are circumstances where we have to JUST do something. Our livelihood depends on it. We have to be able to provide for ourselves. And that’s okay. And we can be okay in that, as long as we are continuing to work towards the things we truly want as well. It turns out a lot of the things we just want are fairly easy to come by. At least at first.

When we just want a job, there are jobs that don’t require any background at all, it’s just that it’s hard to make a living with those. But when we want a job that pays well, that we enjoy doing, and that allows us to feel like we aren’t settling, that’s a bit harder to come by. We justify the places we are at in a variety of ways. We have plans to move on to something  else one day, we have to have some means of survival, we are in a safe place, and bad things can happen if we move outside of that comfort zone.

But what it’s important to remember is that it’s not necessary to justify not settling. No one else has to understand it. Only you, because you know what makes you happy. You know what will allow you to be fulfilled in your life. So maybe you have to work a job that is a just job. But that doesn’t mean you don’t continue to take the steps you need to feel fulfilled. You continue to paint, you continue to cook, you continue to look into classes for school, you continue to exercise, you continue to write, you continue to volunteer, you continue to find whatever it is that has the potential to make you feel like you are spending that time in a meaningful manner. Something that makes you have a spot of certain happiness and accomplishment. Continue to pursue that part of you that doesn’t make you qualify it with just. Don’t let the just define your life. Let it pass by as it does while you are on your way to being who you want to be and doing what you want to do. Let your time count. Don’t let your time settle. Because each day the sun will set and you won’t get it back. But if each day you make your time count, if you spend some time outside of the just then each sunset brings a sense of fulfillment.

– I thought I posted this yesterday… I wondered why no one at all had even like it, and it turned out I hit save as draft… Ah, technology and me! 🙂

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  1. Love this post. Has left me certainly more aware of my ‘justs.’ Thank you.

  2. I find myself using the word ‘just’ quite a lot, but I truly hadn’t considered the link to ‘justify’ (says ‘doh!’ and slaps head).
    But this explains a lot about some of the choices I have made, for example, taking a job which is ‘just a job’ and ‘justifying’ this by saying ‘it pays the bills’, when with a little more effort I could find something much better and more satisfying.
    Hmmm…. you’ve given me food for thought.
    Great post.

  3. P.S. This is funny but when you said you left it in draft….I started to wonder why my very short post I did Monday night…to say I’d be away for a couple of days..I called it Temporary Absence….did not have any “likes’ to say anyone had a least read it and I found it just now under ‘pages’ and not ‘posts’…I trashed it because it’s no longer applicable….so there you are “not alone’ in electronic confusion…lol Diane

  4. The word ‘just’ is definitely one of those words that is kind of ‘demeaning’….It takes away the importance of the words to follow…It’s kind of like the word ‘but’ which takes away the importance of all the words previous to it….Diane

  5. I love this! I just followed you, thought I had clicked the button weeks ago but these computer thingys…..are way out of my league!!!

  6. Great post, with lots to think about. I will pass it along to my son who has recently graduated college and is trying to “figure it all out.” The key, I think, is to engage in fulfilling activities, whether they are part of your job/career, or not.

  7. “Because each day the sun will set and you won’t get it back. But if each day you make your time count, if you spend sometime outside of the just then each sunset brings a sense of fulfillment.”

    I think you expressed it well with this line, and that is the key to fulfillment. Love it!

  8. beautiful piece. i love this,

  9. really hits the nail on the head for thoughts we have all had while JUST getting income in a job that passes the time until what we really want is attainable. I felt like we were having a conversation. You get me -and I like where I am and what I am doing… 🙂

  10. alessiapautasso

    thanks. just thanks.

  11. Your post is very true. I don’t particularly hate my job but don’t love it either. I have stepped outside of the norm and decided to seek work outside of the country. I’ve turned my job into a travel opportunity. Sounds fun.

    • Oh that sounds really exciting! I always wanted a job where I could travel outside of the country. Or maybe even live abroad for a period of time. Although with Jack, I like having people I trust nearby, in case I need help with him. Good luck with your search! It can be a great adventure 🙂

  12. I completely agree. “Just” living and “just” doing things is meaningless; we would be wasting precious time and energy. If we are going to live and do things right, we should do it with all our heart!

  13. Looking back over my life, I’ve found myself using “just” too much… “if I could just get through this week… this month… this year…” and I think I’ve lost out on a lot… or maybe I just feel old and tired… but I don’t want to say “just” any more…

  14. Very inspiring.

    “…if you spend sometime outside of the just then each sunset brings a sense of fulfillment.”Amen!

    Thank you for visiting my blog.

  15. What a great post, totally resonates. Im gonna try to be more aware and stop ‘just’-ing. I tend to do lots of ‘should’-ing too, actually. I should all over myself!



  16. Agreed. I have a few wacky jobs but it’s because I -just- couldn’t stand a normal 40-hour cubicle gig. Better to be -just- a little odd than to be stuck doing something you know isn’t for you.

  17. I enjoyed this. One thing that despite how much I do things that make me happy I have to remind myself constantly, I’m doing it to make me happy even if other people think it was dumb or not a smart choice. People can easily mix up the feelings that are “forced” onto them. Example “I want to go to radio school!” Response:” That’s a bad idea there’s no job in that field” and a lot of people would start to feel oh yeah that may be true. I had to keep reminding myself I’m doing it for me! not them that’s their emotions I won’t feel bad for what other say!

  18. Beautifully written post! And something I have been trying to live for many years now. Oh, and Geaux Tigers!

  19. What a great post! Very inspiring. I find that I don’t like settling for things the older I get. There is a lot of truth in what you said. Thank you.

  20. So this is so true! Thanks for hitting the “publish” button!

  21. Your blog is just so inspiring!! 😉 Great writing! 🙂 Looking forward to more of your posts 😀

  22. I use just a lot too – I have to go through my stuff and edit it out – it just creeps in (see how that happened?)

  23. I’m glad you finally hit that publish button 🙂

  24. Somtimes we don’t realise how much we do put off until the chance has been taken away or appreciate how much we take for granted until it is gone. i learnt that the hard way with my spinal problems i have had to be more realistic about some of my goals I will never climb a mountain but i will manage some pretty impressive hills

    • I’ve seen a lot very impressive hills and it’s easy to shy away from them. You’ve got a lot of courage, and I think your hills might just be mountains in disguise! 🙂 Keep climbing!

  25. I really enjoyed the read 🙂 Also a big thank you for liking a post of mine.

    I will say however that since I have been fighting to see my son in court for the past 16 months I have not worked and really still don’t know what I want to do, I guess for me I, and what I want are simply not important right now.

    I guess I could regress and say I want to be a cowboy astronaut with the ability to lift things with my mind but I think that might be JUST if I dream 😛

    • I’ve always wanted Jedi powers myself! There are always times when we have to put others and other things at the forefront. And it’s okay to do whatever it takes at those times, as you know. So practice moving things with your mind, if it ever works you’re golden 🙂

  26. This blog resonates a lot with things I’ve been thinking lately. Thanks.

  27. JUST got a job writing on LSU football with a local newspaper. And I turned down a “settle” job just a few weeks ago so I could keep honing my craft while I waited. Glad I did.

    I’m telling you, we’re on the same wavelength. It’s cool.

  28. That word “just” probably stops a lot of dreams from happening, while keeping people in limbo.


  29. This is sooooo true. I just want to write this note……..no I really want to write this note……I only realised lately how often I write “just” or say it. Now when I write it, I notice and delete it. I often said I am just the Office manager, now I am proud to be Office Manager. We need to leave this little word out as much as we can, as it takes our self esteem down. As it says above: Don’t let “just” define your life. It is very important and makes a difference to your life. Love this blog, thanks for making us aware of it. 🙂

  30. Still good today! 🙂

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