R.E.S.P.E.C.T – I’ll just tell you what it means to me


The harbor as a storm approached us


Just like the sailor respects the power of the sea, we have to remember each day to have that respect for ourselves and for life. Respect is something that we talk (or sing) about a lot. We all want to be respected. We want to have people believe in us. And we want them to care enough or at least acknowledge that we deserve to be treated in a respectful manner.

A lot of times we feel that people fail to respect us the way we want. We feel that no one respects how much we do at work. They don’t respect what we do at home. They don’t respect the time it takes us to figure things out. They don’t respect our place. They don’t seem to have much regard at all for the way we want things to go or the way we want our life to turn out. It can be frustrating. And though it would be nice if respect were really just always reciprocal, it doesn’t necessarily work like that.

We can spend all of our time being kind to others, working hard for our bosses, or whomever we have to please, only to have it returned without acknowledgement or even ridicule. The important thing to remember about respect is that respecting ourselves is one of the most beneficial things we can do. And these are the keys to doing it:

  1. Respect who you are. This means you have to respect that you are you. You are no one else. And you are worthy just as you are of all of the good things life has to offer simply by being you.
  2. Respect your power. The things you say and do have power. We can’t take back the things we say or do. They remain. We can apologize, and we can hope for the best, but the things we do cannot be undone. So we have to act with respect. Respect to ourselves and who we want to be. And respect to what we want to accomplish.
  3. Respect others. We spend a lot of time calling attention to the wrong things when it comes to others. We question what they’re wearing. We question their intelligence. We find ways to make comparisons that are completely unnecessary (and probably detrimental) to our well-being or to theirs. We have to change our focus, move away from those comparative habits and learn to look at ourselves and others without judging.

We have to be able to live our lives happy without ourselves. It’s rare that we are comparing ourselves to others because we are secure ourselves. It’s important that we take the time to respect ourselves enough to know that we should be secure in who we are. We worthy just as we are. We are capable of whatever we want to accomplish. And we don’t have to worry with anyone else. It is time not well spent that we don’t get back. I used to be terrible about talking about people’s outfits or hair or mostly the things that they said or did that I could find a way to make fun of. It wasn’t because I was a happy person. It was because I liked knowing that they weren’t perfect either. That they shouldn’t be considered great, because I wasn’t considered great. But in reality, all that I was doing was wasting time. And I wasn’t wasting anyone’s time but mine. I wasn’t wasting anyone’s mind but mine. Instead of focusing on me, and letting the other stuff go, I failed to respect anyone, including myself and it just left me unhappy and unfulfilled.

We all can do great things. We all deserve great things. Life is worth our respect. We have to respect our time. We have to respect ourselves. We have absolutely nothing to gain by failing to respect ourselves, our power, and others. The sailor respects the sea, because it has the capacity to overwhelm their boat with barely a moment’s notice. Storms pop up out of nowhere, and it’s the same in life. We have to respect our life. That’s how we gain the knowledge we need to weather the storms that are thrown our way. So the next time you sing the song, remember, it’s truth. We all deserve respect, so we need to take the time to truly respect ourselves.

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  1. Very well said. Glad I stumbled upon your blog.


  2. wow hon. u sure hit the nail on the head!


  3. This reads like my mind works. Kinda profound and yet poignant, personal. Respect is an odd thing. It is one of the only things I think we have a shared understanding of its meaning. Love, means something different to each of us, a friend can be something entirely different to one person as to another. Respect is like loyalty, except loyalty differs in its importance, and trust, is trusting to those in many ways. Respect is a constant we all understand.
    Thankyou for sharing, and whilst I’m here, following my blog.


  4. you have to give it to receive it – I have to remind myself of that every day – especially those closest to you – thanks for the reminder


  5. This is wonderful. I really needed it today, actually – so thank you 🙂


  6. Wonderful blog! You seem to always write about what I’m working through and it reinforces the changes I’m trying to make – thank you


  7. Another inspiring blog entry.I really needed to be reminded to respect myself this week:0)


  8. I would normally try to write you something intelligible and intelligent but alas, it’s past four in the morning and I’m tired… so I will simply say, I enjoyed reading your post, as always, and yes, it’s incredibly hard not to compare yourself to others. I guess we all need to know the answer to the one question we never ask: am I good enough?


  9. “respect your power”. Amen. Most of us miss that.


  10. Very nice posting Lauren. I am glad you shared this. 🙂 🙂


  11. You are very right ..if we don’t respect and like ourselves how can we possibly due justice to another. It’s sometimes easier to criticize something or someone then to stop ourselves and find something nice to say without being threatened that somehow that makes them better than us….Diane


    • It really is hard. And I find myself being comparative all the time, but I am glad that I do recognize it more now. Because it does allow me to stop and think about why I even care to do it.


  12. Give your respect to others, the respect from others will come, they will. Fabulous post, like it 🙂


  13. Great post. We are often so busy reeling from the lack of respect others may have not shown us, we forget to make sure that we are showing respect to others.


  14. Respect is hard to earn easy to lose… even with yourself. As much as people want to respect others if they can’t do it for themselves like making decisions that may make them happy even for a little bit, you’re wasting your time. It’s a matter of learning to balance between yourself and other. You were right on the mark though you have to respect yourself above all else.


  15. Great post! Thanks for sharing this!!


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