Natural Resources in all forms


Today Jack and I went out to a farm to pick vegetables. I’ve never really seen a farm where they grew lots of vegetables before.  I’ve been to a pumpkin patch, to go through a corn maze, but that’s pretty much it. While we were out there, despite the oppressive heat, I realized how peaceful it was. I looked around at all of the natural resources sitting right there at our fingertips.

The rows were mostly full – although the picking season is halfway through. It made me think about just how much we have at our fingertips. Things that are built-in for us to use whenever a need arises. We have the capacity to take from all the things we have innately within us and the things that exist all the way around us. Whether we need food, or we need a hand, someone to talk to, or we just need some time to think, it’s there, ready for use whenever we need it. We just have to take the time to look, to pay attention to what’s actually around us and what’s actually within us. We have to look at our instincts, find out what we are really looking at, and we can find a place of peace and hope and follow it using our natural resources.

I apologize for the shorter post today, but we’ve been out at the farm, and Jack has a busted – possibly broken nose and two black eyes to accompany it from running into a chair. So it’s been a bit of a day!

But always remember that the resources we need really are out there, sometimes it takes stopping, breathing, and just looking around to see them. Letting our instincts guide us to the resources we need. In New Zealand there is an indigenous tribe that a group of students from my school visited. The tribe members figured out how to mix together two different flowers as a cure for an illness that was affecting the tribe. A doctor who was traveling with the group asked one of the tribe’s women how many times of trial and error it took for them to figure out which two flowers would work. The woman said what do you mean? We listen to the plants and they tell us what we need to know. We asked for the cure and the flowers told us. It was really interesting to watch her talk about it. They talk about a connection to nature that doesn’t exist in the modern world. I wonder myself if they really hear the plants and bugs (she spoke about talking to a mosquito as well). And I don’t really know, but I do know there is a connection that we miss out on most of the time. Just looking out at the sky or the trees or the water, we can see there is beauty and there are moments of connection. We have resources at our hands. We just have to pay attention.

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  1. Such and adorable kid! 🙂 I do hope he is okay now. Anyway, another lovely thought. Thanks for reminding us that sometimes we tend to look for something so bad and not realizing that we missed it because we keep on setting our sights into something else.


  2. Cute little guy! Jack, looks like he’s a good helper


  3. voluntaryfiber

    Giving up my garden – because of arthritic hands and feet – was really hard. It was next to a ranch with a stream through it, so all I heard were crickets, frogs, cows and birds. I apologized to bugs when I uncovered them while digging or weeding – should I admit that?! Tell Jack to beware of moving chairs! I hope he’s feeling better soon. Go out there often for the tranquility.


    • Jack wants to grow a garden but we haven’t tried yet. I killed the strawberry and tomato plants we had… I don’t have a green thumb! Sorry about your garden but I’m glad you still get to enjoy nature 🙂


  4. Oh no… poor Jack! But the picking your own vegetables sounds like a lot of fun! I would definitely love to try that sometime… I mostly just go to the farmer’s market…


  5. This was a beautiful post, exactly what I needed to be reminded of:0)


  6. captainpractical

    Hope Jack is feeling better!
    We need to reconnect with nature and the planet. Here is an award winning video from Peter Russel about the Global Brain and the possibility that Planet Earth is a living organism. Amazing considering it is based on a live audio visual presentation from 1983.


  7. Change My Body...Change My Life

    Beautifully written. And timely. Thank you for sharing this.


  8. Jack looks like he’s having fun… James and I have been going to the park a lot recently but it’s been sweltering here too. We like to walk through the woods, if only because it’s cooler in the shade 🙂

    Anyway, I’m sorry he’s not well… I’ll hold him in my thoughts and send some positive energy his way 🙂

    Clear skies!


  9. Thanks for insight and I will pray for Jack


  10. Sorry about Jack! But that’s life with a little boy, right?


  11. Hope Jack is okay! I love the idea about indigenous people using natural resources I’ve always admired this, it’s shame it’s being lost in this world. Nice post one day I dream of living purely in nature and resources. Maybe when I “retire” I’ll buy some land and build an Earth Bag House and create a nice natural community.


    • That’s a good plan! I like the idea as well. Even making the soup I made today, it felt nice that I was using vegetables that I picked and I figured out a way to put them together that was edible and pretty tasty. It makes me think I might be able to survive if I had to!


  12. Love it! A reminder to stay in the moment, appreciate and wonder at what we have, to pay attention.
    ThankYou ♡


  13. I think sometimes that we have lost quite a bit in payment for the progress we enjoy. Thank you for sharing this wonderful post.


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