Traveling light – The importance of the essentials in accomplishing our goals


While I was looking around for gifts for father’s day today, I asked my son what he wanted to get for his grandpa. And he said camping stuff. I decided that sounded as good as any ideas I had, even though I think the last (and only) time we camped I was around 10 years old. Nonetheless, my dad had promised to take all of the grandkids camping this summer, and well, what better encouragement is there? So we were going down the aisles and looking for stuff, and Jack kept picking out things that were really big and would be heavy and hard to carry. I started talking to him about the importance of traveling light, and although he was able to make a pretty good argument for bringing a bike to ride on so they could carry extra stuff, it wouldn’t be enough stuff for the kayak and scooter he wanted to bring along as well. I tried to explain that sometimes it’s important to remember that we just need the essentials to get by, because when we have too much, it weighs us down. Then I realized that’s what I would write about today!

The concept applies so well to life. It’s so easy to get bogged down by everything that we carry with us, that we forget how nice and light and easy it is to travel without all the junk. Whether we are harboring fear, worry, unforgiveness, bitterness, jealousy, anxiety – all of those negatives have a tendency to weigh us down. When we get upset and end up at a dead end in life, it’s really hard to turn around and see that there’s another path – or even a way over the wall – when we are walking our path with too much weight. If we are having to drag ourselves through life, we will end up with a whole lot more scars and bruises than we will if we are able to walk upright, and run and jump and turn around where necessary.

We all hit walls. We all have bumps in our roads. We are broken down by the streets that are covered by the things that are trying to hold us back and stop us from moving. If we want to get anywhere worth getting to, we have to do so without all of the negative weighing us down. We have to feel freedom and be light on our feet. Quick to think, to see ways out. It’s a way of thinking that matters drastically. Looking at the positive. Removing the negative. Becoming adaptable and pliable so that we can handle what life throws at us. Life is never fair. But that doesn’t mean we can’t achieve and be more instead of giving in and becoming less. If life is going to be uneven, make it so that you achieve more than you think you should. Make it so that you experience more good things by doing and giving and being pliable to your situations. We can accomplish what we want to accomplish. We have to open. We can’t be weighed down by fear or any other negatives. It closes us off. It changes us, just like the positives change us. We have to choose which we want to emphasize. Whether we want to constantly struggle on our path or we want to travel light. There are already struggles we have to face. What’s the good in adding more for ourselves?

Instead, let’s travel with the essentials. The things we need to get our goals accomplished. The things that help us deal with life’s unbalanced paths, and lead us to a place of success and hope.

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  1. It is funny how life’s messages come from the most unlikely sources. I love when our kids teach us. Great post.

  2. Bravo, Lois, you have captured ‘travelling light” perfectly. It’s important on all the levels you mention (and also much on my mind currently, in its physical dimension, with the Iceland trek so close to hand).

  3. Travel with essentials – good thought. Thanks.

  4. It never fails… When I start to get bogged down in whatever is going on at the time, you post something that encourages, inspires, or gives insight into what I’m facing.

    Thank you for being so positive and being an inspiration yourself!

  5. You amazed me with this. God bless! ✞

  6. How true, how true. It is so hard to get rid of all the stuff, physical and emotional, that bogs us down. Great post.

  7. Enjoyed your post!! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by mine, I’m just beginning but it has been a good outlet for feelings without being judged.

  8. There are so many advantages to being a minimalist. I used to be great at it – then I bought my own home. Now I see things about me that surely look like clutter to others. Each item holds a memory. I’m working up to clearing them out. I love traveling light!

  9. I’ve just finished my forgiveness lesson… well… it’s never really finished… but you know what I mean… my soul feels lighter for it… but I truly still have to learn the “travel light” lesson in many aspects of my life.

    As always, your daily thoughts continually inspire me to reach higher. Clear skies 🙂

    • 🙂 I’m glad it feels lighter. It’s almost like we just have to be willing to try for it go start to lighten up. I find the process of forgiveness to be really interesting (and rewarding) in general.

  10. Look at how this works. A like from you and I am led to inspiration. Thanks.

  11. You encourage me and inspire me, thankyou. ♡
    And thanks for popping by my blogs, and all the twinkling stars. ✩✩✩
    Take care, Elyn

    • Thank you! Your posts are so heartfelt. I’m sorry for all that you have been through, but you have a very inspiring way of writing it all out in your letters.

      • THANKYOU!
        That is so very, very kind of you.
        And my writing, it’s my way of walking a ‘path to hope’.
        And reading blogs like yours, and chatting, it just makes the trek that much easier. ♡

  12. I enjoyed your post. Very interesting

  13. A wonderful blog. I love the way you reasoned with your son, Jack. It is good to discussion with a child about the choices they make. You go on my list of “You’re doing a great parenting job”! Hope to read more interesting articles.

    • Good grief! “It is good to discuss with a child. . .” not “It is good to discussion with a child. . . ” That’s what happens when a writer gets interrupted and pushed into something too soon!!

      • Haha! Thanks. He totally didn’t get it, but I do try to explain things to him. He does pick up on a lot of it. And I figure it’s good to try to keep that in practice!

        And That happens to me all the time! Especially with the kids all the time 🙂

  14. Great thoughts…how we do carry a lot of baggage at different times in our lives with needless worry that we do. I say needless because worrying doesn’t change a single thing, except weigh us down and drain our energy….Diane

  15. Ahhhhh… I felt my spirit soar as I read these words – that feels better 🙂

    GREAT message, thank you!

  16. Great post! This is a great reminder that God doesn’t really want us carrying a huge load of junk. It’s a much better idea to stay free from “stuff” in case there is an urgent need that we must address. I enjoyed this post a lot. I’ll stop in again soon. Your son sounds like a great inspiration in your writings. Thanks for sharing.

  17. Thanks for popping by my blog – so glad you liked it

  18. soulrenovation

    I was just thinking this exact thing earlier today! I would add to this idea of traveling light a more tangible perspective; that to travel light we must also pare down our ‘stuff’! North Americans are far too worried about the ‘things’ they have rather than the moments and memories they have the ability to create. When your son is older and looking back at this camping trip with his grandfather doubtful he’ll remember exactly what stuff they took with them, but its guaranteed he’ll remember the experience and the feelings and emotions that went along with that experience. I hope he has an amazing time!

  19. Reminds me of the Collective Soul song “Heavy.”

  20. I can think of nothing more important than the willingness to pare things down to the “essentials”!

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