“Whisper words of wisdom, Let it Be”

We were watching the Queen’s Jubilee Concert tonight, and Paul McCartney was singing “Let It Be” and Jack recognized it as the Beatles. He said that was his favorite Beatles song, and I agreed. Normally I just indulge him, but in this case it was true. I love “Let It Be” and though I find it excessively difficult to distinguish favorites most of the time, and even moreso when there are so many great songs to choose from, “Let It Be” has been my favorite Beatles song since I first heard it.

It was written at a time when there was lots of turmoil going on in their personal and professional lives. They disbanded shortly after, and the song is sort of an anthem to the end. And it got me thinking about how life has to move in waves. Things have to end regularly for us to continue on in our lives. Friendships end. Relationships end. Parental roles change. Jobs change. The tide continuously turns and churns. And we have to be able to let go of those things that will inevitably come to an end. And we need to let go of those things that we are allowing to hold us back. When we look back over the years we can see just how quickly life does move. And if we aren’t moving with it, it’s easy to feel left behind. Our friends and family move on to other things. Our focuses change. They grow as life grows. Our interests change. Our habits change. Life in its nature is full of letting go.

Distinguishing between what to hold onto and what to let be can be difficult. We have to work for the things we want to keep. We have to work on ourselves. Work on our relationships. And work on our careers. But we have to be aware of what it is in our lives that we haven’t let go of that may be holding us back. Sometimes it’s as simple as an argument that we are holding a grudge over. Sometimes it’s a turn down a path we didn’t plan do go down. It can be holding out simply because we don’t want to be wrong. Whatever the case, when we are holding on to things that are holding us back it makes it nearly impossible for us to be happy in our lives. We have to learn to let go and let it be. It’s funny, because there is a tremendous freedom in letting go and letting it be. I have never found more peace in life than when I finally let go of the things that were holding me back the most whether it was through forgiveness or simply no longer holding out and giving up who I wanted to be for a relationship, the freedom that accompanied finally letting go was amazing. We can do things to help ourselves. We can do things to learn to let it be. And it’s important that we take the time to do them. Because no matter what you are searching for or fighting for, there will be an answer, if you just let it be 🙂

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  1. Good thoughts…Both staying where you are or going into unknown ‘changes’ present their own challenges.I believe sometimes just listing the pros and cons of each decision and of course prayer…helps…..Diane


  2. This is an insightful, thoughtful post with a lot of good lessons….sometimes “letting it be” is not easy, but we need to try. Thanks for the reminder!


  3. captainpractical

    I watched a trailer for Yellow Submarine today so I think I will watch it later. It’s an amazing piece of creative work considering it was released in 1968. Now time to go do some letting go….


    • I love Yellow Submarine. I accidentally sing it in my head all the time in conversations when people are trying to talk to me. Then I get distracted. And sometimes I even start singing it aloud. It was incredibly creative. I haven’t seen all of it. I want to watch Help! I think I shall put that on my agenda.


  4. Let It Be is an amazing song… I also liked Hey Jude and The Ballad of John & Yoko… but my favourite Beatles song is… *drum roll*… Across the Universe… what a shock LOL 😛


    • 🙂 Across the Universe, Hey Jude, Yesterday, and Two of Us are usually the ones I pick along with Let it Be as my top five. I’m really bad with favorites. I like so many things and it just depends on my mood a lot of the time as well. I have a beatles instrumental lullaby thing that I used when Jack was little, and Across the Universe is the main song he would listen to.


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