Day 21 – Using our gifts









We all have gifts and talents, things that just flow for us. We all have a tendency towards some of these things more than others. We have strengths that we can use to further where we are to go in life. When we use the gifts that we have, it creates a relief and a reinforcement of positive worth within us. In most cases we like the gifts that we have, whether they are playing sports or instruments, organizing, writing, painting, managing, planning, or interacting with others. We tend to have a number of these different talents, and when we figure out ways to utilize them both in our work and in our free time, we have a tendency to enjoy our time much more.

It is commonly reported that people who report the lowest amount of stress and highest amount of enjoyment out of their jobs are people who work in helping professions. When we use our gifts to help others, we feel good about ourselves and about what we do. When we use our talents to inspire others, we make a difference in their lives. Many times we overlook the power that we have simply by being here and doing our best. When we see each other trying, working hard, going out on a limb following our dreams and using our talents, then we are able to find hope that the same possibility lies within us.

It doesn’t necessarily feel like we are doing something worthwhile just by doing the things we love to do, but when we work on our talents and grow them people take note. We look at the people we admire and wish we had the courage to do what they do. We want to believe that we are worthy of the opportunity and that we are worthy and capable of taking it. It’s so easy to gloss over using what we love in our lives. By teaching a child to play basketball, by making up creative stories with him, by sharing artwork we’ve created with others, by sewing an outfit for a child or a friend, by teaching someone how to cook, by teaching organizational skills and patience, we are contributing to the well-being of others. We are helping in a meaningful, one of the most meaningful ways that we can.

It doesn’t always feel like it, especially if we are just going through the motions, but when we work through those issues we find that we really are spending our time doing something worthwhile. We are using our gifts to help others. We are using our talents to inspire. We are engaging in what we were put here to do. We spread creativity and love by helping others using the gifts we’ve been given. We aren’t being someone else. We are being who we are at our core.

When we realize the impact we have on an everyday basis, we can put ourselves in a position to use what we have within us to enhance the lives of those around us. When we see that something we did makes even the smallest impact, our self-worth starts to grow. We feel good about ourselves, even though sometimes we turn right around and write it all off. But no matter how much we try, we cannot take away the fact that we did the right thing. We did something good. And we were worthy of doing it. And if we are willing to let it, that impact that we have both on ourselves and others can help initiate change towards the positive side of self-worth. We can choose love again, and let it grow. Once we do we begin to expand ourselves and walk a little bit closer to the person we want to be.

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  1. Hi — Thanks for discovering my blog, because now I’ve discovered yours. I love this category! And also this post, the concept of using our gifts — it overlaps with something I’m thinking about, which is to discover and live up to our own best self.


    • Thanks! It’s definitely important to use our gifts if we want to discover and become the person we want to be. Most people who talk to me about being frustrated in life mention that they are doing the things they love to do. I think we underestimate just how important it can be to do the things we love and that flow for us. Thanks again! 🙂


  2. I prayed for the year before starting blogging that if God had something that he wanted me to do for Him..that He would have to show me what that was….and then my thoughts started towards blogging..I didn’t realize that might be what He wanted me to do…I only thought of it as an interest for me with writing..For the first 2 or 3 months basically that’s what it was ..and then things started changing..people started to identify with what I was writing and some were having difficulties like I had or someone close to them…the point being something I enjoy doing now but maybe helps someone else at the same time…is rewarding and touching for me….Diane


  3. This is very true. And I believe that charitable work helps to build a sense of self worth… I have a habit of being self sacrificing when I’m in a bit of an emotional crisis LOL


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