Day 18 – Silence

Today has been incredibly hectic, with lots of news (good and bad). So I almost forgot to write. And then I started thinking about “being silent” on my blog today, and I decided that was what I would post about: silence.

My friends find it funny, because I will happily sit in silence when I don’t know what to say. I’m not a space filler. I think that’s part of what worked for me whenever people came to me for help. I was able to sit and listen. And when they thought they were done, I’d sit in silence, and they’d find more to say.

When we have to fill the silence in our lives it can get a bit difficult. Silence has a way of being therapeutic I find. It is an emptiness that allows us to fill it. We can breathe in it if we step back and look. Instead of being scared or uncomfortable in it, simply because there is someone else around, we can treat it the way we treat it when we are alone. Most people find that they can’t think well, unless there is silence. I know sometimes we need the noise. Sometimes silence is way too loud. But it’s in those good moments, where there is just you, you can connect and be at peace. So I decided what I would say tonight, was to remember the importance of silence. The many ways (far beyond the ones I am posting here) that it can be used. Find time for that comfort, and see what finds you.


As an addendum, I also wanted to thank Patti Clark and Diane for nominating me for these awards. I am going to say that even though I tried to copy and paste them as the instructions said (I have tried for a few days now), but technology hates me, and it did not work. That being said, I do love their blogs, and you should check them out. They both have wonderful stories.


Patti Clark:


Thank you again, ladies for being so thoughtful! J

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  1. It’s kind of strange..I don’t seem to have those moments of silence. When you’re retired and still are together almost 24/7 except for bits and pieces of time…I think I need that …and maybe I will take time to go down by our lake by myself and feel what that is like…food for thought….Diane


    • 🙂 I am actually always surrounded by people, and it can be hard to find those moments! I think it is important to take them. I used to live by a reservoir, and I used to just drive out to it for 10 or 15 minutes on my lunch break when I needed some time to think and just be. I hope you get the chance to go. It really is refreshing!


  2. I’m silent among people I don’t know… I’m crap at parties LOL I’m not a mixer… which always seems to surprise people. I can be quite awkward around people sometimes… in a social setting… this from a guy who stands in front of 20-30 people every day… this week has been manic… I’ve trained about 25 hour long sessions, each with about 20 people in them. But to some extent, it’s an act.

    I didn’t post tonight. I had a slightly surreal happy-families dinner with my estranged wife and son at Outback and I was too tired… felt like I deserved a break…


    • I think I’ve always just been a poor conversationalist. I don’t think my mind ever grasped verbal skills! 🙂 But because I feel so awkward I ended up just growing comfortable with the silence. I’m working on getting better. Sort of…


      • I never used to say much because I didn’t feel anyone was listening. During my darkest days, in my early twenties, I went months at work not speaking to anyone unless they spoke to me first.


      • I’m still bad about initiating any kind of conversation, and I think it became a habit because I didn’t feel like anyone wanted to listen or cared what I had to say. Plus I was truly terrified in school that I would get into trouble for talking, and I think the two combined just made it impossible for me. but again, I’m working on it! 🙂


      • That’s exactly how I felt 🙂 I’ll just keep my mouth shut because no one listens or cares anyway… still feel like that now, sometimes LOL


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