Day 17 – Finding the big picture


Today I went to an art exhibit at the library by my old house. It’s the house I grew up in, and my favorite one that I’ve lived in. I got the chance to bring my son and my nephew over to see the house. We didn’t go inside… the house is currently in the middle of a decision between saving it or tearing it down. There’s a large crack up the back of the house. The windows are broken in a few places, and the gate is gone. But it still looked like home. Which is interesting.

Going back my siblings and I noted how much smaller things looked. I remember the yard looked so big when I was little and the “hill” seemed much more like a hill as a child rather than the slight incline that it apparently is. Who knew!? I will continue to describe it as a hill when I tell people stories, because it’s a lot more interesting to say that my brother sent me down the hill on the skateboard and luckily I fell off before landing in the road into oncoming traffic, but now I have these ugly scars. My brother sent me down a slight incline does not have the same effect.

But as I was noticing how much smaller and conquerable everything seemed, I realized that this is the case with many, many things. In retrospect our problems that seemed huge and insurmountable in the end were overcome. And looking back, it seems a lot smaller a lot of times. The crushes that I had in school, the people who I had to deal with. The decisions I’ve had to make about careers and college and jobs. At the time everything seems so hard, but when I look back, though I still realize the scenery, it doesn’t seem quite so large.

It’s funny the way things like that work. When the pressure is on, the picture gets deluded. The picture skews because there is so much riding on it. And it’s true that there are certainly decisions that warrant the importance that we place on them. We need to care about the things we spend our time doing. But, we also need to remember that there will be a point in time where we look back and see that the problems we are facing have been conquered. The stress wasn’t quite so necessary. The picture is smaller than it seems. There is an answer, and time will go on. We move. We grow. We learn. And sometimes we get to see the true big picture.

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  1. You’re right..time for you has not yet passed enough to be all that comfortable …I have a lot of years between ‘then’ and ‘now’….Just keep looking at the present and what the future can be….Diane


  2. Great point…That is why I’m so happy that as I was going through tough times I wrote about them and now …a lifetime later I can look back and see how far I’ve come…Diane


    • It is nice to see how far we’ve come… although right now if I look at a lot of the stuff I used to write it makes me uncomfortable. But I think because some of it is so close time-wise it makes a big difference.


  3. I’ve been in situations like this myself… I think some of it has to do with literally being physically larger. Places we knew as children seem smaller now simply because we’re now bigger…

    A similar experience was when I went back to England a few years ago. I was driving down a road with my Dad, after he had picked me up from the airport. I’d only landed a few hours previously. We were driving down a road that I knew well, I had driven down it myself countless times, and yet it seemed different and a little unfamiliar… but what was it?

    I’d been away for six years but there weren’t any new buildings or landmarks… it took me a little while to figure it out… even though it was a sunny day, everything seemed darker… I realised it was because when I’d left, the trees by the side of the road were just saplings. They had since grown so much that they had form a canopy over the road and were now blocking the sunlight… hence the darkness LOL

    Things change in a way you least expect but which seem obvious later on 🙂


    • They do change in unexpected ways I have found a lot lately. Some good, some bad. And that really is hilarious that we were commenting at the same time on each others’! Ha. Must be the power of the blog!


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