Day 15 – How to live the dream

I normally don’t watch Glee, but I watched part of it tonight. I used to be in choir so I’m a fan of chorale singing, but on the show tonight they went to Nationals. The thing that I like most about these moments in shows… the end of the singing shows, and this one as well, is that someone’s dreams are literally coming true at that moment. There is still tons of work ahead. It may not pan out the way they had hoped, but at that moment in time they have achieved something they’ve only dreamed of achieving. The closest I’ve ever come to this is when I was 14 or 15 and playing softball, and the team I was on won the state games (it used to be known as the junior olympics here). I remember singing along to “We Are the Champions.” I remember that overall feeling of how fantastic it was to finally be at the top, to be the winner, for things to have finally gone right.

Those moments don’t last, but they can certainly be moments to strive for. I was a state champion. That can’t be undone. It’s good to achieve things in our lives. It’s good to dream. Speaking in mental health terms, a mind that has hope and is capable of readily dreaming is more open to opportunities and more likely to actually achieve their dreams. They are more likely to report being happy in their lives, and they believe that life has something to offer. Dreams matter. It’s hard to feel fulfilled if we aren’t trying to do any of the things we really want to do. It doesn’t matter how big or small. If we don’t give ourselves a chance then the battle is already lost. And it affects every area of our lives.

It’s hard not to give up. It’s hard not to give in. It’s hard to figure out what’s really worth fighting for. It’s hard not to believe what other people say. But it’s hard living with yourself when you give up. It’s harder than overcoming. We have to make ends meet. We have to survive. But we have to find ways to do more as well. Time is scarce, and is completely irreversible. We are truly on a one-way track. It’s never too late to try. We have to find ways to make our contribution feel worthwhile to ourselves. We get a new chance with each new day. And every day we have something worthwhile to offer. What dreams do you have?

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  1. Bless you, the live the dream, is a happy thing.


  2. Thanks for these inspiring & thought provoking words. It was so simple yet so true, when you said, “You were a state champion and no one can undone that”. Absolutely true. These are the moments we strive for. These are the moments which make us believe that, yes we are alive and we are doing something better than others. Even I do not believe when people say walk towards your dream; I do believe that we all need to run towards our dream. Who knows sometimes a whole life time is not sufficient to live those dreams. A big thank you for this wonderful piece of writing.


    • Thank you! A life-time may not be sufficient, you’re right! And that’s probably a good thing. That way there’s something to carry on, as well. There are people to be inspired to finish the journey, or take part as well. Thanks for reading! 🙂


  3. I know what you mean… one of the first things I did, when my wife and I agreed to separate, was to have dreams and goals for myself… something to strive for… something that would help me to improve my life and also myself. I’m getting there… 🙂


    • I’m glad you’re getting there. I am working on it, too! Sometimes it was hard to remember I should have dreams outside of my relationship and my son. It’s refreshing starting to dream again!


      • Right… I immediately tried to get into the mindset that this divorce could be an opportunity to actually improve my life… I know how that sounds… but let’s put it this way… I wouldn’t have started the blog otherwise… (or at least it’s unlikely)… and I’m spending more time with James now than I did before, because I’m not spending time with my wife…


  4. It is wonderful when something you maybe dream about or think about…comes to fruition…a new job promotion, a new place to live, less debt more joy..and recently for me it was to step out and do some volunteering at our local hospital..I’ve done all the preliminaries such a police background check, blood tests etc. and been for the initial meeting but waiting now on the call as to orientation and then starting…It will feel good to actually doing so after being kind of laid back in retirement….Diane


    • That is exciting! I volunteered at a hospital when I was in school. I worked with the child life specialists, who worked with the children who were in the hospital for various reasons, most were recovering from or prepping for surgery when I saw them. I was always terrified that I might get them sick though!! I’m a worrier that way. It was a great experience though. I actually ended up having to stop because I was so nauseous while I was pregnant, and I kept dehydrating and ending up in the ER. I hope you enjoy it!


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