Day 14 – Catharsis

Today I’m just sharing about what it has been like so far writing again. I started out writing this blog this month because it had been so long since I had written. I wanted to see if I could still write, and I wanted to see how it could help shape my mental health practices to start back up. It really has been a nice stress reliever, considering how stressful life has been lately.

Writing for me has always just flowed. There is something in the connection of my pen to paper (my preferred method) or even now typing on a keyboard that just works. By that I mean the things that swirl around in my head at a rapid pace throughout the day have the capacity to be released in a somewhat meaningful manner. There is something unique that happens for me whenever I start to try to unfold all of the things I didn’t know that I was thinking. And sometimes upon review I even surprise myself with what was going on in my head.

I don’t speak well. Words never form properly when I try to get my point across using words. If I even start to speak too loudly, something in my wants to cry, which makes no sense. So I’ve never been good at yelling in arguments, which is fine for me as it’s not my preferred method of communication anyway. There is a disconnect that happens when I try to say the things I want to say. While there is a complete connection that seems to extend beyond me when I try to write the things I want to write. Even the things I don’t want to write just flow out of me when I’m writing. In a sense I feel more brave when I am writing. In another I feel relieved. It’s as though I am able to voice my concerns to the universe and have them displayed in a manner that makes sense, instead of a manner that fails to be comprehensible.

I’m quite glad at the moment that I did start writing. Even though I’m a little concerned that I have no clue what I will write about from here on out. It’s hard to be too deep constantly. And it’s difficult to find the lines between what I feel is worth sharing and what isn’t. We all have things that flow for us in our lives. What are some of yours??

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I'm a mom. Sometimes my hands turn orange. Other times I write. On twitter: @laurenc129

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  1. I’m like you…words and thoughts seem to flow when I’m writing but also like you I sometimes have a problem communicating what I’m trying to say verbally…I wondered what I would find to write about also…many of mine do relate to my past but it is good for me to see where I was and where I’ve come. Also I do hope and think it has helped those going through a dark time..that others feel/felt those same things. I also have things that I wrote many years ago on bits and pieces of paper that I put in my blogs. When I run out of that to write about there are everyday issues .. What I can’t do effectively is write humour and that I leave to the bloggers that I follow that do it so well. …just some thoughts Diane

    • I truly love the retrospective aspect that journaling, or writing anything down brings. It’s a truly tangible form of measure or understanding of where you were and how you are, and also gives a guide for where you want to go. I’m a big, big advocate!!

  2. Sometimes when I write, it flows very nicely… other times it’s like trying to draw blood from a stone… but all writers have that 🙂

    I tend to write my blog the same as I used to write my articles for the magazine… I bookend things… helps me to bring closure to the piece… but something that frustrates me is the rhythm of the piece, especially at the end. It can’t end too suddenly, it has to have the right number of words so that it reads well but still wraps things up concisely… does that make sense?

    My training is like my writing… sometimes it flows and I’m on a roll.. like Eddie Izzard or David Tennant or Matt Smith… slightly bonkers… other times I feel like a comedian in front of a tough crowd and I can’t get their attention or a single smile… LOL

    Okay, I’m rambling… time for bed… :):

    • What magazine? I like good rhythm and need book ends on things as well. I don’t incomplete or unresolved. I have a very big tendency to write in lyric (song not poetry) format, though and that is the hardest for me to find peace with, in terms of feeling like it’s complete. It’s a little bit easier when I am writing in paper form or sort of journal form, but I don’t necessarily treat the blog as a proper journal format, because I am concerned with length and details a lot it seems.

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